A New Video of the Air Jordan 33 Surfaces

Enjoy a First Look at the upcoming Air Jordan 33, this time in video form.

A social media user who goes by jamareeraymoore has taken to instagram it give us a quick video on the upcoming and highly anticipated Jordan 33. This video shows the the entire shoe and confirms the two pictures we got of the traction and the pull tab for lockdown. The tab comes across the entire tongue and overlays on the toe are visible from this video.

The laces seem to be very thin laces that give the shoe a sort of hiking shoe vibe and to wrap it all up we get a good look at the solid rubber traction. For now, all we have is this video and a drawing of how the lockdown tab works, but stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin for more info on these such as tech specs and more.





All images via: Luxe Gourmet Beats.


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