New Balance Unveils Kawhi Leonard’s OMN1S Signature Shoe in Many PEs

New Balance hoops has unveiled six Kawhi Leonard PEs of the OMN1S just in time for All-Star weekend.



New Balance hoops has taken to instagram to unveil six new PEs of the OMN1S and all for their star player, Kawhi Leonard. We covered how New Balance would be using All-Star weekend to hype up their basketball line and they’re doing just that! All six of these PEs have meaning behind them and tell a story. Fans can vote for the debut colorways for All-Star weekend, so let’s take a look at each and make sure you make the best choice possible.

The first colorway is pretty clean and straight forward, featuring a ‘KL2’ logo, which is going to be Kawhi’s logo for NB hoops, the OMN1S also feature Fuelcell; a nitrogen injected foam that will offer great responsiveness. This first colorway uses Toronto colorways, but NB hoops states it’s not and keeps it at that.

This second colorway uses white and red, alongside a different looking ‘KL2’ logo on the tongue tab. This colorway has retro ‘Project 515’ detailing, giving this PE a retro NB feel to it. NB hoops is using this retro detailing in order to use old school trends to inspire future hoopers the way Kawhi is doing.

The third colorway is an obvious nod to the Raptors team, especially with the dinosaur fossil detail on the heel of the insole. This colorway also uses a clean translucent gun rubber outsole and the tongue logo features a basketball hoop in red and ‘OMN1S’ in yellow text. This black/red and gum colorway is super clean and has got my vote out of the six.

Moving on to the fourth colorway, ‘Detroit camo’ as NB hoops is calling it. The whole point behind this colorway is that the dazzle camo is used to hide designs of automobile prototypes and relates to Kawhi’s effect on the opponents defense. In other words, Kawhi can get buckets and the defense won’t see it coming.

The fifth colorway is simply dubbed the ‘Black Ice’ colorway and uses the same tongue ‘OMN1S’ logo as the third colorway mentioned. The outsole is translucent and has a chicken foot design that was inspired by original NB tech. The royal blue used and the Icey bottoms are a favorite feature of Kawhi.

Finally, we made it to the sixth and final PE for Kawhi Leonard. This one is called the ‘Trust Leonard’ colorway and this one, like the others has details specific to the colorway. The standout feature for this one is that the back of the left shoe has ‘Kawhi’ text on it and the right has ‘Leonard’. This colorway pays homage to 1980s NB basketball posters. That’s all the colorways folks, let us know which one you think is the best in the comments below.



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