D.Rose Retro? | New adidas Performance Models Have Surfaced

Upcoming adidas performance models have surfaced, and it appears Derrick Rose might be getting retros.


What’s going on One on One Nation? Nick here back with another article, this time on some upcoming adidas performance basketball models. These images actually surfaced a little while back, no one seemed to talk about. Lets get into this.

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D.Rose 1.5 ‘Retro’?

Yep, you read that right. adidas will release the adidas D.Rose 10 sometime next year, and then will begin to retro his line, according to Nick DePaula. A surfaced image of what appears to be a retro’d version of the adidas D.Rose 1.5 has surfaced. These look super modern, in comparison to the original D.Rose 1.5. They have a premium look to them with the leather all around the shoe. No information on a release, but we are still probably a while back from the release, considering the D.Rose 10 most likely won’t release until next year.

WeChat picture_20180612170317
All images via: Fast Pass.

New adidas Basketball Silhouettes?

What seems to be two new performance basketball models from adidas have surfaced. And to be quite frank, nobody knows what these are. That’s why they haven’t been talked about. The top left sneaker looks to have a totally different take on what a performance basketball shoe really looks like. The rest of the kicks in the surfaced image appears to be a newer budget model. And, like always, no word on a release date. But, we should expect these to release later this year, or in 2019, considering these surfaced from what appears to be a Gallery Stock Room in overseas.

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