More Leaked Images of the D.Rose Lethality Surface

One on One Testers brings you leaked images of a new D Rose model, the Lathality.

Although his prime is far behind him, Derrick Rose has shown that he can still perform in today’s NBA. Even though people overlook his on court play, there is no denying his shoe line has been consistently good regardless of how he performs. Adidas is giving the former MVP a new model called the Lethality, which is a departure away from his main line. The biggest difference is that this mode will be a low top instead of the hi/mid top we are accustomed to with the main D Rose line.

Not much is known about the tech specs of this model, it does seem to be a sort of budget model. I’m interested to see what cushion Adidas is using, could be bounce, the D Rose 9 is using bounce also, seems like this is the direction of the D Rose line. No release date as of yet, but stay tuned as we receive further details.

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