Kyrie Irving’s Nike Kyrie 7 PEs Feature Shank Plates

Kyrie Irving's Nike Kyrie 7 PEs feature midfoot shank plates.

While Kyrie Irving signature shoes have been notorious for their excellent court feel and traction, as well as their support, they do lack one thing—a torsional shank plate. Shank plates add much needed torsional rigidity to basketball shoes, and it’s something that Nike skimps out on, a lot. The Kyrie 7 is already a supportive shoe, but it still does not feature a shank plate. However, Kyrie Irving’s Kyrie 7 PEs do.

Similar to Paul George’s PG4 PEs from last year, the Kyrie 7 PE does indeed feature a noticeable shank plate at the midfoot of the outsole. It’s quite visible due to this PE colorway featuring a translucent outsole. The benefit of this is that it simply provides more rigidity to the shoe, making it more supportive, and helping keep the shoe in its “form” on hard impacts and landings. Apparently the general release pairs can’t get this version, but Kyrie can.

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