Klay Thompson’s Fourth Signature Shoe is Almost Here: The Anta KT4

Klay Thompson's newest basketball silhouette is almost here, the KT4 by Chinese footwear brand Anta.

A footwear designer, Robbie Fuller, who works for Anta, a Chinese footwear company, has given us an exclusive look at Klay Thompson’s fourth signature shoe, the Anta KT4. The KT3 was a huge success, from what we’ve heard at least, and Anta’s newest basketball silhouette is looking to push the boundaries even more.

The Anta KT 4 actually surfaced in more visible images a while back. Even before the NBA Finals. Click here to view the older article we had put out on these kicks. Like most leaks and surfaced images, there’s no official tech specifications currently available on these. But we’ll give you what we got on these. The KT4s look to feature a very similar pattern outsole to its predecessor, but without pods of cushioning protruding out of the sole. Cushion wise, we have no idea. The KT3 featured a dual-density foam cushioning system called ‘Anta Eve’, that worked with the ‘AUTO-ARCH’ technology to decouple the outsole. On the other hand, the KT 4 has a super thick looking midsole, where the foam wraps up quite a bit. To top it off, it seems like we have two different material set-ups. A super premium looking knit, that looks to be similar to the LeBron 15, as well as a premium suede/nubuck.

Well, that concludes the Anta KT4. No release information, no pricing, nothing just yet. The KT 3 arrived right around the beginning of the 2017-18 NBA Season. Make sure to stay tuned to One on One Testers & The Sneaker Bulletin, as we’ll keep you locked in on Klay Thompson’s newest signature shoe.

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Image via: Robbie Fuller.
Image via: Getty Images.

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