KAT to join team Jordan?

Karl-Anthony Towns Moving from Nike to Jordan Brand?

Karl Anthony Towns is an absolute NBA phenom who signed with Nike for a footwear deal since his rookie year. Will KAT be joining Jordan Brand?

Nike Basketball Star Karl Anthony Towns appears to be making the switch to Jordan Brand.  This news comes via a video released of KAT dressed from head to toe in Jordan apparel while training this off season.  The sneaker featured on KAT’s feet in the training video are the Jordan 10’s, but earlier in the training video it seems to show Towns getting some reps in some Nike’s.

While still no official word has come out on the move, seeing a NBA player covered in Jordan is usually a good indication of a deal going down.  KAT would definitely help beef up the Star-power lineup of the current Jordan Brand athletes.  After possibly loosing Kawhi Leonard to sneaker free agency this coming season this would go down as a big win for Jordan Brand as they look to add younger players to their roster. Currently, the only signature athletes at Jordan are Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Russel Westbrook, with other brand ambassadors donning player exclusive Jordan models.  If KAT joins Jordan he will be joining the likes of stars like Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, Victor Oladipo, and Mike Conley among others.

Does KAT have the marketability and talent to become Jordan Brands next signature athlete? It’s probably still to early to tell as news of his signing hasn’t been confirmed yet, but stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin for more news and updates on the situation.

KAT to join team Jordan?
KAT rocks the A.J. 10. Image via: street8oy.

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