First Look Air Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2 Sketch

Literally a day after a write up on a dope Why Not Zer0.2 concept and complain about no leaks for the shoe yet, we get a silhouette sketch of the upcoming shoe that is set to release 12/26. As you can see from this sketch Westbrook’s second signature model looks to be slimmer and seems to have less bulk than its predecessor, a complain that many people had with the first model was all that bulk and how clunky the shoe felt. Hopefully this time around we’re going to get softer materials that don’t feel as bulky as they did in the Why Not Zer0.1.

Can’t judge much else from this sketch other than the fact that the collar seems to be a sock collar, which we saw with the concept last time. Not much else for this sketch, it’s only a matter of time before we get some leaked images so stay tuned for that and our other daily content.







h/t: street8oy


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