Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low First Impressions

One on One Testers provides you with a comprehensive first impressions of the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low.

The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low is a newer and affordable model on the market right now and these are killer. The original Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 released quite some time ago, but Jordan Brand decided to sport a slimmed down version of this particular model. These guys arrived at retailers around January of this year, but lets get into this.

The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low is sports a slimmed down look, featuring a re-designed upper from the mid version, a completely woven build, heel and forefoot Nike Zoom air cushioning, and the reduction of the whole forefoot fuse overlay from the mids. The Low top model actually has a better upper than the mids as they had a a gigantic fuse overlay all across the toe of the shoes. Luckily, these don’t. The traction has three pods of a spiral pattern in the heel and forefoot, two in the forefoot, and one in the heel. The rest of the traction looks like the Jordan 28 outsole and is simply just lines going in different directions.

As per my First Impressions, these are phenomenal. Other than the Air Jordan 32 and Why Not ZER0.1, the Ultra.Fly 2 Lows seem like one of the better shoes Jordan Brand has put out in quite some time at an affordable price point. At $100, these seem like more than a steal. So, to start off with the traction, these were consistently being inconsistent. And yes, I just said that, haha. The thing about these is that it has two different patterns along the outsole. The pattern itself is just lines for the three pods (two in the forefoot), and the pod in the heel. Then we just have lines as the traction pattern around the pods. And yes, it definitely looks like the Jordan 28 outsole, which is noted to be one of the greatest tractions of all time in performance basketball shoes.

Dust would for sure get trapped into the podded grooves as they are very tightly packed together. As per the rest of the outsole, dust rarely got stuck in there so far. At first I thought it’d just be the rubber needing some break in time until I realized that the outsole had dust all around the grooves except the three pods. Therefore, the traction is consistent at being inconsistent. Sort of a love/hate relationship so far with these guys traction wise. Hopefully the traction gets better through out the wear testing process, that’s a big what if. For now we’ll just have to wait for my full-on performance review on these. For one of the greatest aspects of these sneakers thus far, the heel and forefoot Nike Zoom Air cushioning that’s encased in a phylon midsole. Heel AND forefoot zoom? Take my money now!

Surprisingly enough, the phylon midsole that is acting as a carrier to the heel and forefoot Nike Zoom Air units isn’t terribly dense. I almost always feel like Phylon starts off too dense for me in other Nike Basketball models I have wear tested previously. These guys aren’t the case. The phylon gives us a blend of responsiveness and a consistent feeling throughout. It definitely feels like this foam will need some break-in time, but thankfully it’s not too stiff, straight from the get-go. It’s not necessarily plush, but it gives you an almost resilient feeling underneath your foot. As per the Zoom, the forefoot unit is literally shaped like the traction pod in the forefoot of the shoe. The heel Zoom is a thick hex unit. And trust me, it’s nice! The heel unit is a whopping 10 millimeters thick, and you can really feel it. Even if you don’t perform massive heel strikes when playing on court, you should still be able to feel the heel unit straight out of the box. It will literally feel like a trampoline underneath the heel of your foot. As per the forefoot, it’s limited, but something is definitely there. Since the forefoot unit is thinner, at just 8 millimeters, it’s a bit harder to feel. It’s there, but it’s just going to need some break in time.

One more thing I want to touch on… the materials. Man, these are STRAIGHT. The upper is a completely woven build with minimal fuse overlays around the laces and mud-guard area. This stuff is nice. Not too stretchy, has nylon padding underneath it, and isn’t too thick of a material that will significantly affect the overall weight of the sneakers. I’m really digging this material so far since it’s not as stretchy as something like Prime-knit, but feels just as good on foot. No, breathability isn’t anything special, but this material feels great right out of the box and feels ultra-soft on foot. It’s just like a pillow for your foot. However, this is a one-piece upper so it might not cater to all foot types.

Well, that’s just about it for now. You can read up on my full-on performance review of the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Low in a couple weeks, here on One on One Testers. Stay tuned everyone!



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