Air Jordan 33 & Why Not Zer0.2 Leak?

One on One Testers giving you guys leaked images of what is rumored to be the Jordan 33 and Why Not? Zer0.2.

Yup that’s a question mark in the title. We aren’t sure yet, but what is rumored to be the Jordan 33 and the Westbrook 2 has been leaked online. We do have a release date for the Jordan 33 (October 2018), but no word on any release details for the Westbrook 2. These definitely look interesting to me to say the least, definitely not digging the way Jordan Brand is going with these two models, but hey I believe that the first leaked images always makes the shoes look ugly, when you get hem in hand or see them in person is when you can really judge, so I’ll hold off on anymore comments. Seems like the 33 will have flyknit and have two straps on the upper, alongside a full length zoom cushion set up. No tech specs on what is rumored to be the Westbrook 2, but you know y’all gotta stay tuned to One on One Testers and we’ll hit you guys with further developments regarding these and other sneaker releases.


All images via: Weibo

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