Is The Jordan Supreme Elevation Releasing in the United States? | All You Need To Know

All the information you need to know regarding Jimmy Butler's favorite shoe, the Jordan Supreme Elevation.



Jordan Brand recently released some insider information regarding Jimmy Butler’s favored Jordan Supreme Elevation. The new kicks usher in technology from its predecessor, the Jordan 32, incorporating a similar ribbed flyknit upper, and full length, articulated Zoom Air.













The team at One on One Testers has yet to get their hands on these guys quite yet, as they are likely to stay an overseas exclusive, according to Jordan Brand. Although, they are available for purchase on eBay, but that does not guarantee 100% authenticity of the purchase.

Being the first sneaker presented to Butler by Jordan Brand in late 2018, it has vastly worked its way atop his sneaker rotation on the court. Here is what you need to know about Jimmy Butler’s favorite hardwood hoop shoe.













1. It’s A Greater China Exclusive.


“Wait, so you’re telling me there’s a chance I can get these on the U.S. website?” Probably not. Jordan Brand released a statement saying, “The Jordan Supreme Elevation is available exclusively through NIKE, Inc., channels in China.”

“How can I get these if they aren’t releasing stateside?” eBayGOAT App, just to name a few. Those aren’t the only places they’re available, but just a few that are reliable.




2. It Has A Game Shoe DNA.


The Jordan Supreme Elevation arrives equipped with a Flyknit upper inspired by the Air Jordan 32 (which was Jimmy Butler’s favorite low-top shoe), and is the lightest shoe currently in the Jordan Brand line-up… despite the straps.













3. It’s Crazy Responsive.


Jordan Brand says they “upped” the performance and aesthetic ante in this shoe, by equipping two large visible Zoom Air bags (creating a sense of full-length articulated Zoom Air), creating the most responsive shoe in the Jordan Brand basketball shoe line-up.





4. It Highlights Butler’s Go-Against-The-Grain Attitude.


Jordan Brand has created colorways subject of Butler’s alma mater, Marquette, and other stories and experiences through out his career on and off the basketball court.




h/t: Nike.


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