Introducing SōlScience: Footwear Fresheners

Introducing SōlScience, a newer brand to the market that addresses the everyday odors in our sneakers with their refreshing ANTIDŌT footwear fresheners, all the way back in the Summer of 2016. Developed by sneaker heads (and chemists) for sneaker heads, SōlScience brings us their ANTIDŌT footwear fresheners to destroy all the bad smells and funk in your sneakers. Set out on a mission to bring us the best smelling, premium footwear fresheners, I can say they’re certainly exceeding this expectation.

Nick and Noor from the One on One Testers Team had the unique opportunity to receive some footwear freshener bottles from Kent and Daichi from their headquarters over in Cerritos, California. Nick received two separate scents; ‘Future Fresh’ & Jumpman Bostic’s ‘Midnight Cherry’, while Noor received ‘Tropicali’ & ‘Cool Watermelon’. We will each be bringing you separate product reviews in the coming days.

SōlScience’s ANTIDŌT [DEO+FRAG] has to be the best sneaker fresheners on the market now. Not only do all of their scents smell refreshing, the scent stays in your sneakers for a couple days. In comparison to other competitor sneaker sprays on the market, ANTIDŌT will last you a bit longer in your sneakers with all of their refreshing scents they have to offer. ANTIDŌT is perfect for after-basketball odor, for your sneaker collection, and the finishing touch after cleaning up your kicks. All you have to do is ‘shake & spray’, then all your sneakers will be smelling fresh.

To wrap everything up, Nick and Noor will be bringing separate product reviews on their different freshener scents, as well as their thoughts on the product in the coming days. In the meantime, feel free to checkout SōlScience and all their products. They have countless different scents to offer, as well as the standard 2 oz. bottle, Spritz pack, and many of other packs/collaborations. We appreciate everyone stopping by to read up on SōlScience. Stay tuned to for more press release information, performance reviews, & sneaker news.

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