Introducing FINI SHOES | The New Kid on The Block

Fini Shoes is the newest, and most customizable sneaker brand to the game, developed by Dami Adepoju.

Established in 2018, FINI SHOES offers versatile sneakers that you can customize, making them the most versatile shoe brand online. Being developed by Dami Adepoju, right out of Clarkson University, he’s got a lot on his plate. Their shoes are unisex and they take pride in their unique and creative approach to footwear. The offerings from this brand are dope versatile lifestyle and luxury sneakers; you can customize these sneakers by adding or removing parts and making the shoe seem like a totally different shoe with the choices made.

FINI SHOES is able to accomplish this feature to customize your sneaker by using a seamless and minimal zipper. The goal of this brand is simple, to provide a good price and dope product that the sneaker market has never seen. FINI SHOES really is off to a good start, with colorways such as the Snow, Panda, Panther, and Bread colorways.

It’s really up to you, rock ’em how you want to and keep switching styles and make everyone think you got different kicks on, when in reality you got one sneaker on this whole time. Additionally, FINI SHOES is making a positive impact by partnering with NOBULLY.ORG and they even have their own hashtag, #FiniBullying. When sneaker companies not only make dope products but try and make a positive impact we take notice and appreciate brands making efforts to end serious issues such as bullying. Check out their awesome kicks at

‘Snow’ Colorway.
‘Panda’ Colorway.
‘Panther’ Colorway.
‘Bread’ Colorway.

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