Introducing Crossover Culture’s Winter Lineup

Crossover Culture is introducing their Winter lineup, and these colorways are straight fire.


After a solid first line up of performance models, Crossover Culture is keeping the ball rolling with their Winter collection that is already out on Crossover Culture made some slight tweaks and updates to some of the previous models, which have improved both aesthetics as well as the performance of the shoe.

The performance lineup this time around is as follows: Sniper LP, Sniper M LP, Fortune LP, and finally the Fortune LP Low. All of these models feature Crossover Culture’s LP foam, which doesn’t bottom out (if it does it takes a damn long time to bottom out).

After testing the Fortune LP in Spring, I can attest to how amazed I was by the LP foam, Crossover Culture definitely has a solid foam cushion set up and they pretty much got it right their first time around.

Let’s take a closer look at each model and see what improvements were made and what new models are being introduced in this upcoming lineup! The Sniper LP is a solid high top shoe that we have seen in the last line up. This time around Crossover Culture has crafted two new dope colorways for the upcoming launch; a Tiffany/Ice colorway which looks ICY and a clean Red/White colorway.

Both of these colorways are kind of loud and are very eye catching, Crossover Culture sure known how to make dope colorways. The upper is a nice knit with a rubber overlay that slightly comes up from the mid sole, ensuring that the upper can take the abuse you put it through. The traction is still that awesome herringbone pattern featured on that last model and of course we have LP cushion with Wishbone Suspension to make sure your feet are stable.



Crossover Culture Sniper LP

MSRP: $120

Style Code: GSNIM3


CC sniper teal



Style Code: GSNIH4

cc sniper red.png

Merlot Red/Polar White




The second shoe included in this line up is a mid version of the Sniper simply known as the Sniper M LP. This model really is cleaner than it’s high top counterpart and in the right colorway has off court appeal for sure. Chopping off that high top has drastically changed how the Sniper looks, but not performs.

With the Sniper M LP, you’re still getting that nice LP foam cushioning setup, Wishbone suspension, and that really nice upper that fits like a glove. Crossover Culture is bringing out four new colorways out for this line: Polar White/Black Hit (LeBron 15 Graffiti vibes lowkey), Black Night/Red alert (Bred), Tiffany/Polar White, and Black Night/Polar White (That gum bottom tho).

What’s cool about the Sniper M LP and the Sniper LP is that the back of the heel has a dope Crossover Culture logo, with silver or gold highlights around them, looks super fresh! For some reason the Black Night/Polar White is listed as the Sniper LP instead of as the Sniper M LP.



Crossover Culture Sniper M LP

MSRP: $110

Style Code: GSNIM3


CC sniper m white

Polar White/Black Hit


Style Code: GSNIM4

CC sniper m bred

Black Night/Red Alert


Style Code: GSNIM5

CC sniper m teal.png

Tiffany/Polar White


Style Code: GSNIH1

cc sniper m gum

Black Night/Polar White




Moving on, we have another previous model coming back from the previous line, the Fortune LP. The Fortune was the performance model I tested and man they had some flaws, such as not having adequate padding in the heel, but man the cushion and traction on them were nothing short of amazing.

Crossover Culture is hitting us with two new colorways of this performance beast; the Black Night/Silverscape and Zebra/Black Night colorways of the Fortune LP will be debuted with the coming of this new launch. Got to say out of the two new colorways, the Zebra colorway really caught my eye and I am super hyped to test this new colorway out.



Crossover Culture Fortune LP

MSRP: $110

Style Code: GFORM4

cc fortune zeb.png

Zebra/Black Night



Style Code: GFORM1

cc fortune black.png
Black Night/Silverscape



Finally, we have the Fortune LP Low to wrap up Crossover Culture’s newest lineup. Not much to say about the low version of the Fortune LP, the key difference is that the low does not have the same collar height and doesn’t have the strap coming across the top two eyelets. This low colorway uses the Zebra theme like the Fortune LP, except the Low uses white and silver as it’s secondary colors. That’s all for the new lineup, stay tuned, testing of these shoes will start ASAP when Nick and I get our pairs.



Crossover Culture Fortune LP Low

MSRP: $100

Style Code: GFORL1

cc fortune lo.png










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