Introducing Crossover Culture; Basketball Sneakers & Apparel

The newest brand to the market has been released to the market, Crossover Culture. Being launched just recently on February 10th, Crossover Culture is the newest kid on the block that focuses mainly on basketball performance footwear, as well as some casual footwear and apparel. The initial launch of Crossover Culture involved three on and off-court models, which are designed for positions one through five.

Crossover Culture believes in what is known to be now in the NBA as “position-less” basketball, meaning the game is noticeably evolving into a sport where positions aren’t the main focus and the sneakers can cater to athletes regardless of what position they play. Position-less basketball is becoming more and more evident which involves the use of having seven-footers being able to shoot the three ball, guards having a post up game. It’s evolving fast, hop on the bandwagon now.

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Shown are the Sniper LP, Sniper Lo LP, and Fortune LP.

The three basketball models currently offered from Crossover Culture in their lineup consists of the Sniper LP, Sniper Lo LP, and Fortune LP. I have the unique and pleasurable opportunity to be able to wear test upcoming products for the brand. From my experience, I have been able to test out the Sniper Lo LP and Fortune LP. Each sneaker has the same tooling from the midsole down, which isn’t a bad thing. Although, the overall builds of the sneakers differ upon each model you are going to try out.

Each performance model features the same cushioning named LP Foam, Crossover Culture’s brand of their own mixed foam compound. It is a newly engineered foam compound that was curated alongside their chemical research partners. The LP Foam is said to be comprised of a “zero-compression” like compound lasting you from Day 1 to Day 101, which is designed not to break down like traditional foams currently on the market. It provides a great level of impact protection and life of the cushion just as any other sneaker on the market would, but it does it even better. The wishbone suspension system is Crossover Culture’s form a stability plate/platform underneath your foot for maximal stability and rebound without restricting your natural flex zones. Ryan Duke and his Crossover Culture team came together to offer us a line of shoes that will maintain its straight out of the box comfort from “Day 1 to Day 101”.

Myself, and the One on One Testers team had the fantastic opportunity to speak to Crossover Culture founder, Ryan Duke on the One on One Podcast Episode 10. Tune in to Episode 10 to hear Nick, KJ, Brian, and Anthony from Official Foot Fire discuss exclusive interview questions with Ryan and more about his up and coming brand.

Crossover Culture also has a unique casual footwear line, and I’ve been able to try out the Crafted Mil. See below for detailed videos of all the sneakers I’ve been able to test as well as performance review articles from myself and the team. Stay tuned for my first impressions of the Crafted Drips coming soon. Huge thanks to Ryan Duke and the Crossover Culture team for making this all possible!

Sniper Lo LP Performance Review:




Crafted Mil Casual Review:


Fortune LP Performance Review:

Noor’s Review

Nick’s Review

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