How to Afford to Buy Kicks? Tips for Teenagers + Young Sneakerheads

Nick from One on One Testers brings you tips & tricks on how to afford to buy more sneakers. Tune in to a short, yet detailed video explaining tips on how to afford to buy more kicks as a kid in highschool or college, from someone actually in high school.After getting countless DM’s, messages, and emails from people all around the net asking for free shoes, or how to afford to buy shoes when you’re just a kid in high school or college, here I am giving you what I’ve done to afford to buy ALL of my sneakers. Please note that all of my shoes are shoes that I have personally purchased or went sent by brands.

Finally, this video was really inspired to help out the youth community in the sneaker/basketball culture. We all were in high school previously, like I am currently, so I can definitely tell where people come from not being able to afford sneakers. As to the inspiration of this video, I wanted to personally provide people with helpful insight that truly helped me be able to afford my sneakers and get me to where I am today.


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