HOW and WHY Nike Is Scamming Consumers With Their Basketball Shoes

How and why Nike is scamming consumers with their basketball shoes.

Here at, we are open to all brands, and are never, and will never be brand bias. Something we’ve seen for quite a long time is brand bias towards Nike. In the long run, it does make sense, to an extent, as they have reigned at #1 spot for athletic apparel and footwear for quite a long time. Nevertheless, while they may statistically have the most sales and popularity for basketball shoes, they do not produce the best performing basketball shoes anymore. That spot belongs to ANTA.

In this video, I explain how and why Nike is scamming consumers with their performance basketball shoes due to several reasons. The video speaks for itself, so I’d recommend giving it a watch to hear the truth that has been needing to be heard for a while now.

Feel free to leave a comment on this posting or the video itself to let us know your thoughts. Stay tuned for further updates on Nike’s latest performance footwear that releases to the market.

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3 comments on “HOW and WHY Nike Is Scamming Consumers With Their Basketball Shoes

  1. Hey man, dont pay those commenters any mind, your assessments are pretty fair. I don’t know how they can argue with photographic evidence. I’ve noticed some Nikes aren’t very durable as well. Not only do they use thin nubs on several models, they also opt to use a soft rubber outsole on a bunch of shoes. Some may be okay with this, but those are automatically “do not buys” from me since I want to get my moneys worth out of a shoe.

    They do make some durable outsoles I can use: The latest KD Trey seems very durable, and I’m still playing in my Lebron 16 years later. But whoever thinks some of their shoes (such as the PG4 or the Kobe AD NXT) are durable are just deluding themselves.

  2. WearTesters/Nightwing, who is obviously one of the most well respected shoe reviewers that there is, lists three different Anta models (GH 1, Rondo 6 & Shock the Game 4.0) as leading candidates for his Shoe of the Year. I am sure there is little argument with what Chris thinks, so clearly you are on to something. As a Canadian looking from the outside in and having American friends, we know that it can be hard for them to believe that another country can produce superior products to their own. It is tough to go against the grain and people are resistant to change especially when these products are being produced by a political adversary. Keep up the great work and pay no mind to the negativity.

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