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Greetings, and welcome to the next generation of performance reviews on the internet. The staff over at One on One Testers has a firm belief that performance reviews are the old game, and our Hoops Analysis is the new school, straight to the point, in-depth thoughts on the latest and greatest performance basketball shoes.

Providing viewers with a pleasurable and user-friendly interface, fans of up and coming sneakers to release can view our Hoops Analysis articles for our detailed thoughts on the newest performance basketball shoes. Displayed through astounding diagrams, we don’t want to bore the audience, but instead give them our straight to the point thoughts and the most comprehensive and all-inclusive details on new basketball shoes.

Hoops Analysis articles aren’t and will never be far-fetched as the usual performance reviews, that most users tend to read. Every single one of us have a voice, an opinion, and the ability to speak freely about kicks, so our Hoops Analysis articles are going to change the sneaker culture, industry, and define the new way we all can share our thoughts on performance basketball shoes.

So, in simpler terms, Hoops Analysis is a brand new page to OneonOneTesters.com to display our thoughts on performance footwear. Hoops Analysis articles can be read through OneonOneTesters.com/Hoops-Analysis.




Written by Nick Montesano

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