Is This a First Look at the Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2?

With the release date of the Jordan"WHY NOT?" ZER0.2 approaching, we may have a First Look at Russell Westbrook's second signature sneaker.


As we approach the rumored release date of Russell Westbrook’s second signature shoe, the Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2,  we haven’t even seen one surfaced image of the highly anticipated second signature model of Russell Westbrook. The rumored release date is said to be Wednesday, December 26th. Nonetheless, no leaks have stopped some from total speculation, and surfaced sketches of what the kicks could look like.

Of course the shoe could look different than what is depicted here, but an all-inclusive concept sketch here, shows great detail and does seem like a shoe that Westbrook would wear. The midsole is decoupled with air max in the heel, (I feel as f full length zoom will be more likely). The upper also features a sock like collar, which varies vastly from the lacing system featured on the “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2. The branding on this concept is very minimal and only has a Russell Westbrook logo on the sock collar and the signature Nike swoosh on the heel tab.

That’s all for this concept of the “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2. Are these Russell Westbrook’s second signature shoe? Could these be a legitimate representation of what they could look like? We have no idea. Once again, it’s all speculation right now, but these very well could give us some insight of what the Jordan “WHY NOT?” ZER0.2 will look like. Drop your thoughts on these in the comments below.









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