First Look at the Re-Designed Converse ERX G4, Featuring React and Zoom Air

First Look at the Converse ERX G4 featuring React and Zoom Air.



Converse has officially pushed themselves back into the basketball footwear world, introducing their All Star Pro BB. A few weeks prior we saw a Converse All Star Pro lifestyle model surface, and now we are giving you your first look at their newest model to leak, the re-designed Converse ERX G4.

According to oklai19 on Instagram, this re-designed model will feature React foam and Zoom Air. Information has yet to be revealed as to how these cushioning technologies will be implemented. Nonetheless, we still see a great deal of updated tech within this newly leaked model.

From its original model in 1988, this model appears to use much more lightweight textiles and foams, rather than the polyurethane, rubber, and raw materials which made up the build and tooling of the ERX G4 back in the late 80s.

Stay tuned as official release detail come underway, and be sure to share your thoughts on these in the comments below. Is Converse really coming back with good performers?



h/t: oklai19.


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