First Look at the Nike PG 5

First Look at the Nike PG 5.

Even though Paul George’s recent playoff performances have been just completely abysmal, it looks like there still may be some hope for his signature line, after an even worse performing PG 4. We now have our first look at Paul George’s fifth signature shoe—the Nike PG 4, and it already looks more stable and supportive than its predecessor model.

The PG 4 arrives with a noticeably slimmed down midsole compared to the PG4, and you can easily tell there’s an outrigger at the forefoot, as well as a shank plate at the midfoot of the outsole. The upper appears to remain consistent with previous PG models, basic textiles and synthetics. The silhouette sports a familiar look to the PG 2, which was a good performer, with poor outsole durability, and lackluster cushion. Air Strobel remains intact, as you can see it poking through the heel of the outsole. The traction looks very reminiscent of the Kobe 9 (praised as one of, if not the best basketball shoe traction of all time), so assuming the rubber compound is tacky and grippy, they should be excellent. However, durability looks like it may be disappointing, but we’ll have to wait and see how the rubber compound is to make a conclusion.

Let us know what you think of the Nike PG 5 in the comments below. Stay tuned for further updates as they arrive.

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