First Look at the Jordan Zoom Zero Gravity

The Air Jordan Zoom Zero Gravity has officially surfaced, and this is your first look.



The Air Jordan Zoom Zero Gravity has officially surfaced, and this is your first exclusive look.

We’re already four months into 2019, and Jordan Brand and Nike Basketball have already released some absolute bangers. But, if we focus on the Jordan side of the spectrum, we’ve already seen models like Westbrook’s “Why Not?” Zer0.2, and the Air Jordan 33 Low release to the market, bringing in great tech, for decent prices.

Jordan Brand looks to keep this momentum going for the rest of the year, as they are set to introduce the Zero Gravity soon. The kicks look to sport similar tooling to the Zer0.2’s, but don’t look quite like a signature shoe, instead arriving equipped with budget build. Full length, caged phylon is evident, while a midfoot stabilizer can also be seen. I can’t quite wrap my head around why these brands are caging the heel of basketball shoes so heavily. They should be doing that at either the forefoot, or strategically caging it. The way the caging is done in this model looks very bulky, adding unnecessary weight to the shoes, and will definitely add to the lack of feeling and compression you could have felt from the phylon foam. Nonetheless, the foam is actually cored out on the sole at the midfoot, which should hopefully reduce that weight. That traction is looking hella nice though.

In addition to the lackluster midsole, forefoot Zoom arrives with this model, something we’ve seen in recent Jordan Brand models like the Jumpman Hustle. A full length textile upper, with a midfoot lockdown strap can be seen as well. Aside from that, multiple Jordan logo placements can be seen all across the shoe.

Expect these kicks to arrive during the Spring/Summer 2019, and keep it locked here as to when the exact release date is for these, as you’ll see it here first.



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