Official Look at the adidas ‘Heroes Among Us’ Collection


adidas Hoops is rolling out some amazing colorways for their signature athletes with each athlete’s shoe representing a different super hero. It comes as no surprise that adidas wants to release this pack soon, Avengers Endgame is hitting theaters later this month and to really feed off of the hype adidas turned their signature athletes into Marvel superheroes.

The first shoe releasing is the Harden Vol. 3 in an Iron Man colorway. The details on this one are pretty awesome, from first glance you’re thinking that this is definitely an Iron Man inspired shoe. The upper design does an awesome job of representing how the suit looks and the gold stripes finished off this nod to Iron Man.

Moving on, Damian Lillard and the Dame 5 will be representing Black Panther. This colorway is a little more subtle than the first one, but still has details throughout to really make it inspired by the Black Panther. This colorway, like the Iron Man colorway, tries to imitate the suit of the hero that wears it. Here the black toe seems to be the black fibers of his suit, while the purple is the charged up fibers that build up even more the more he gets hit. The midsole design also seems to be a slight blend of purple and black.

Next, we have the T Mac 1 that signifies Nick Fury. T Mac is for sure a leader and now that he’s retired he doesn’t need to go out onto the court, sort of how Fury really isn’t required to be out and onto the field everytime. This colorway is pain and simple, all black kicks, save for that awesome icy outsole that looks really nice.

John wall is next up with the Captain America N3XT L3V3L. The colorway has an all blue upper, except for the red in the collar. There’s a white midfoot stabilizer. The outsole is transparent and the traction pattern you can see the Captain America shield logo.

Finally, Candace Parker makes some noise with the ‘Captain Marvel’ colorway of the Pro Vision. These are super colorful and honor the female superhero with an awesome colorway. You can expect this pack to drop April 26th, the same date Avengers Infinity War drops!!


adidas Harden Vol. 3 ‘Iron Man’

MSRP: $140.00

Release Date: April 26, 2019 (Endgame hits theaters and same release date for all other kicks.)








adidas Dame 5 ‘Black Panther’

MSRP: $115.00







adidas T Mac 1 ‘Nick Fury’






adidas N3XT L3V3L ‘Captain America’

MSRP: $180.00









adidas Pro Vision ‘Captain Marvel’

MSRP: $100.00




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