First Look at the 2020 adidas NMD

First Look at the 2020 adidas NMD.

For those involved in the sneaker “culture” the past few years, you already know the adidas NMD was one of the absolute staple shoes of the 2010s decade. In fact, it was one of the hottest, and most successful casual shoe sellers we’ve ever seen in the footwear industry. Expanding upon the line’s impressive success is the 2020 adidas NMD, in a few different renditions.

While adidas has yet to confirm that the photos below are in fact what will be the 2020 version of their NMD footwear, rumors have circulated that they are the next generation NMDs for 2020. Two different versions have surfaced which look similar in silhouette, but a bit difference set-up wise. The gallery of photos showcases a model with full length Boost, which is caged at the heel, but appears to be decoupled into three different chambers at the heel. The shoe also features a one-piece mesh upper, with a standard wired lacing enclosure.

h/t: wavegod_thelegend.

The second gallery of photos appears somewhat similar to the first set of photos, with a few changes. They feature a one-piece ripstop upper, with a noticeable heel tab that protrudes outwards. Boost is also in full length, with a lacing system that uses basic eyelets that go through the upper, instead of going through flywire like wires.

h/t: HUPU user Lu Qiang.

Let us know what you think of the rumored 2020 adidas NMD models in the comments below. Stay tuned as we receive more confirmation and update you with further details in the near future.

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