First Look: Gordon Hayward’s KT 4 Low PE

Gordon Hayward gives us a First Look at his upcoming Anta KT 4 Low PE, as well as information regarding his signature shoes.

After playing not even one full game and then sitting out the 2017-2018 NBA season due to injury, Gordon Hayward focused on rehab to make it back for the upcoming season. Then, the summer came and Hayward’s name joined the list of NBA stars scheduled to be sneaker free agents in the coming weeks. With the grace period that applies to sneaker contracts, while still under contract players have a window to speak with other brands looking to make offers once their current deal expires.

During this time Gordon Hayward’s name began to be linked to brands such as New Balance and PUMA as originally reported on here a few weeks back. It was speculated that New Balance had offered to make Hayward their star in an attempt to jump back into the basketball sneaker market. News on the matter seemed to go silent, as other stars began to ink their new sneaker deals, when seemingly out of nowhere it was reported that Hayward would be joining Klay Thompson as a member of Anta Basketball.

Now after a short time, Gordon Hayward himself has tweeted out pictures of his upcoming signature KT4 Low PE sneaker with the brand. While there is still no word on a name or any details¬†aside from what we can see in the pictures it seems Anta is wasting no time in attempting to feature their newest star. The images reveal a Boston Celtic inspired white and green low top sneaker. This new silhouette features Gordon Hayward’s new logo on the tongue, as well as his number 20 on the heel and inside the sole of the sneaker, the latter surrounded by the Boston Celtics Clover Logo.

Additionally, the upper appears to be split at the midpoint into two separate materials, the back a more solid canvas material possible for increased support, while from the laces to the toe appear to be a more sock-like material similar to what is featured on the Anta KT4. The sole goes for a chunkier look at the heel and rides high on the forefoot of the sneaker as well.

Are you excited for Gordon Hayward’s first signature sneaker? While these are just a PE as of now and have no official word on any release, we can be hope that it will be coming in the near future seeing as the company appears to be moving quickly to bring their new star into the spotlight. Stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin for more news and info on Hayward’s first signature sneaker with Anta Sports.




h/t: Gordon Hayward.

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