First Look: The Anta Eclipse

Check out our First Impressions on an upcoming Anta performance basketball shoe, the Eclipse.



Earlier this week we received our first look at Anta Basketballs newest model the Anta Eclipse. From what we’ve seen so far the sneaker appears to feature an upper that combines a knitted material at the front of the sneaker that transitions into a diamond imprinted cushioned material in the back.  The lacing system combines a normal lace pattern as well as a large strap that covers the laces assuming for added lockdown and support.

The sneakers sole stands out with a large Anta symbol across the outer heel. The diamond pattern featured on the upper transitions its way into the translucent covering on the sole that stretches from the front of the sneaker and gradually rises up the sneaker to almost  the midway point of the sneakers heel. The two colorways we have seen so far are predominantly black one with red accents and the other with gold, both fairly simple but the design of the sneaker alone is the selling point to me at least.

 Still no release info yet on these in the states but stay tuned to One on One Testers and The Sneaker Bulletin for more news and updates. Also don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on these new kicks from Anta in the comments.

All images via: Figo_Apple.

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