Fini Shoes ‘Bread’ | Detailed Look & Analysis

One on One Testers gives their exclusive detailed look and analysis of Dami Adepoju's FINI Shoes 'Bread' colorway.

Established in 2018, FINI SHOES offers versatile sneakers that you can customize, making them the most versatile shoe brand online. Being developed by Dami Adepoju, right out of Clarkson University, he’s got a lot on his plate. Luckily enough, I was personally able to receive a pair of the Fini Shoes ‘Bread’ colorway from the team, as well as crew member Noor. After putting two weeks of extensive testing into these, lets get into the full-on Detailed Look & Review.

Outsole & Midsole

Instead of doing the ordinary ‘performance review’ like most sneaker testers will do, here at the One on One Testers Team, we like to switch it up and give everyone the most in-depth and inclusive analysis on shoes to date. The outsole is literally just rubber. Nothing much to talk about here. From an aesthetic point, these are FIRE. A gum outsole, with a durable tread for day-to-day athleisure use; what else could you ask for? The outsole tread doesn’t truly have an actual pattern, it’s mainly just some cutouts in the actual sole of the shoe for beneficial durability when wearing them.

The good ‘ol cushioning. To be flat out honest the Fini Shoes ‘Bread’ does not offer anything extensive or groundbreaking in comparison to other brands. But in all honesty, we can’t expect a newer brand on the market to give us something so innovative and technologically advanced. For the $129 price point of the ‘Breads’, I personally can’t complain for what we were given here. The actual midsole is the outsole, thus it’s rubber. Is it comfortable? A little bit? Is it suitable for the usual athleisure use? Hell yes. The main reasoning I like this cushioning so much is because it’s so damn comfortable. Legit inside of the shoe, they have a super thick leather insole that acts as the main cushioning source of the kicks, and it’s super comfortable.

All in all, don’t complain, don’t blame, and most off accept what we have for a good, and newer to the market athleisure sneaker. Fini Shoes can’t be coming on the market with the most innovative and revolutionary technology on the market. That’s just not going to happen. But what did happen was that they gave us something satisfactory that will get the job done comfort wise, and will be improving the tech specs of the shoes in the near future. How do we know this? Lucky enough, we were able to exclusively interview Dami Adepoju from Fini Shoes about what they have in the future, and they for sure know what’s up.



Materials & Fit

The absolute HIGHLIGHT of the Fini Shoes ‘Bread’. These things are absolute butter. When I mean butter, I mean soft, super soft. A full suede upper, which is in fact real suede, along with additional zippered accessories to attach to your shoes, which are also REAL leather. What I can say is zip up, zip out. That’s how easy and accessible the materials are function wise. They come with zippers so you stick your foot in, zip it up, no more worries. The materials come super soft straight from the gate, and I have no complaints here. This is definitely what makes the $129 price point of the sneakers a more considered, and equitable option for those that are looking for a good daily athleisure shoe to rock.

The fit… this is where things got a little tricky. Considering the fact that the sneakers have no laces, apart from one accessory where the laces don’t have much function, the shoes aren’t going fit everybody. So I’ll be flat out blunt here, I had heel slip. I really don’t have a true size at the moment, I’m sort of in between a 9 and 9.5 In Nike I’m a 9.5, but adidas a 9, and other brands even a 10. All brands have wack fits nowadays and that’s something I wish every brand could just get right. Not knowing what to expect in these sneakers, I ordered a 9.5. After extensively wearing these, I wish I would have ordered a 9, maybe even 8.5. The kicks do fit a 1/2 size large in my opinion, and if you’re looking to grab a pair, you should definitely consider going down a half size. If you have a super narrow foot, a whole size down might even be beneficial, but I’d recommend a half size down for the better fit and lockdown.

So the big question that comes in mind, were the shoes still wearable even though you had some heel slip? Of course they were. Just because I should have went a half size down and had some heel slippage, doesn’t mean that you have to. Order a half size down and you should be fine. Regardless, with no accessories on the sneakers, I had heel slippage. And even when my foot started sweating, my forefoot was swimming a little bit because of the smooth leather insole not absorbing sweat as efficiently as a fabric or neoprene material. But after wearing the accessories, anything that was a higher-cut than a true low top automatically fixed the heel slippage. But like I said, go down a half size and you won’t have to go through what I did.



How Are The Kicks?

Alright, the moment of truth. So lets be totally real here. Fini Shoes is one of the newest footwear brands to the market that put out athleisure/casual aimed sneakers. For a new brand, their shoes have more pros then cons, and that’s certainly a good thing. The cons are pretty noticeable, but for a new brand, Dami Adepoju & Fini Shoes did their thing here.

I absolutely loved the style I was able to show off with the Fini Shoes ‘Bread’. Fashionable, customizable, and accessable. All in one package. If you order a 1/2 size down and get the colorway of your choosing, I can say you probably won’t regret your purchase for $129. The raw materials used on these is as good as any classic 90s shoe with the REAL raw leather.

To be flat out honest, I loved these things. I didn’t like the fact that my pair fit a little large, but that was really it. Everything else really got the job done, except the cushioning being a little lackluster. In no means was the cushion bad, Fini Shoes is just in the stage where they are developing more to offer us at an affordable bargain. I’ll definitely be keeping these kicks in my rotation and I want to give Dami Adepoju and the Fini Shoes team for working with the One on One Testers Crew and gifting us pairs to review. You can grab the Fini Shoes here, for just $129. Will you be copping? Did you find our analysis helpful? Let us know in the comment section and stay hooked to the site for more.


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