Exclusive Access: Drexel University Introduces Sean Williams as Rankin Scholar

Thursday night brought love, respect, and nobility to the sneaker culture of Philadelphia. Sean Williams introduces himself as Rankin Scholar at Drexel University.

Thursday night brought a lot of love, respect, and nobility for the sneaker culture of Philadelphia. Sean Williams, who goes by the user name “OSD Paper Chasr” on social media was introduced as Rankin Scholar at Philly’s own Drexel University. Sean, a close friend of mine gave the One on One Testers Team a sit-down for an exclusive interview, and held an innovative Q & A session, with a sneaker exhibit as well. Although Sean is Drexel’s newest Rankin Scholar, his partner of OSD “Obsessive Sneaker Disorder” was at the exhibit as well, Dee Wells.

h/t: Dee Wells/Brian Cheng.

Sean Williams and Dee Wells hosted an informative, cultural, and embracing question and answer session to the patrons of Drexel University, and Philly’s own sneaker fanatics. Luckily enough, I was personally there to attend the event, and was finally able to meet the crew from Obsessive Sneaker Disorder in person. Bringing in discussion and conversation about Philadelphia’s sneaker culture, sneaker history, and the whole entire culture of kicks was the highlight of the night.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.14.10 PM.png
Nick from One on One Testers with Sean Williams.

“Appreciate, Elevate, and Educate”, is what Sean and Dee told Nick from One on One Testers. “To be quite honest there’s thousands of pairs and thirty years plus sneaker history right here. It reached the point even when we loved sneakers, it reached the point to where we wanted to know what our next level of experience was with them. Despite having the money to buy any sneaker wanted, we wanted more to create the experience”, Sean Williams states at the information session.

h/t: Dee Wells/Brian Cheng.

Sean’s role of Rankin Scholar at Drexel University will go into more depth down below, in our exclusive interview with the man himself. Otherwise, the event was hosted at Drexel’s URBN Center, home of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design. I’ve actually gone on a campus tour here, and am aspired to become a footwear designer myself. Additionally, Sean will be working with Dr. Joseph Hancock II to integrate his SOLEcial Studies program into Dr. Hancocks’s Design and Fashion Merchandising major.

Dee Wells talking to students & sneaker fanatics at Drexel’s URBN Center. h/t: Dee Wells & Brian Cheng.

In our Exclusive Interview with Mr. Paper Chasr, you’ll also get the opportunity to see some more media coverage, from my perspective. You’ll get a look at the whole gallery and kicks in the exhibit. Ranging from Clyde’s to Hyperdunks, the exhibit will show you how it truly represent’s Philly’s distinct sneaker culture. Not only did Sean Williams give Nick from One on One Testers the opportunity for a sit-down to chop it up about kicks, he pulled up my Dad, to chatter about his kicks, the Air Monarch. You’ll find out more in the video as to why they are such a special pair of shoes.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.19.57 PM.png
One on One Tester’s “Dad” standing with Sean Williams & Dee Wells.

The night of Thursday, October 11th was not only a night for the culture of Philadelphia and sneakers, it was a night for sneaker heads, fanatics, and students to chop it up, talk kicks, and have a good time. And, that’s exactly what happened. Props to Sean Williams, Dee Wells, Dr. Joseph Hancock II, Sole3Flower, FlyKickz, and many more for putting on an eventful night that will be looked back on for what Mr. Williams will bring to the fine campus at Drexel University. Most of all, thank you to Sean Williams and the OSD Team for inviting myself and my Dad out to the event.

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