Did LeBron James Give Us a First Look at the Nike LeBron 17?

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It’s official, the Toronto Raptors are the 2019 NBA champions, what a killer season and series for this team. Even though LeBron James hasn’t set foot on an NBA court since the post season started, he sure gets talked about a lot. Now we got a really good reason to mention the King and his off season activities.

LeBron James has taken to Instagram to unveil a new shoe that most likely is his seventeenth signature shoe with Nike. LeBron’s signature shoes usually release around October, so a leak this early is probable; LeBron is also no stranger to suing Instagram to trade upcoming releases. The King sure knows how to get us hyped and excited! Let’s hope for more images and tech specs soon!. Stay tuned to One on One Testers for more sneaker news on the most hyped up and anticipated kicks.




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