Derrick Rose Debuts the adidas D Rose 10

Derrick Rose will be debuting his tenth and final signature shoe against the Orlando Magic.



Derrick Rose has been killing it on the Timberwolves and recently has been receiving many All Star fan votes. This Rose has definitely bloomed once again this season and now he is stepping on the court tonight to debut his 10th and final signature model from adidas. After the 10, adidas will start retroing his older models starting with the Rose 1.5 and so on.

The shoe itself is being debuted tonight vs. the Orlando Magic. This first colorway is an all blacked out color with some hint a of a dark grey throughout. Upon first seeing them, it seems as if the shoes uses a lot of synthetic materials, which seems like a downgrade from the Rose 9. Aside from materials, the D Rose 10 seems to be using either Adiprene Plus or Bounce, we’ll confirm it with y’all as soon as we get the news.

The traction pattern on the D Rose 10 is a herringbone pattern that adidas seems to love using, no complains here if it works it works. You can catch Derrick Rose rocking the Rose 10 today at 5 p.m. Pacific Time against the Magic. Keep it locked in for further developments regarding these kicks and other hyped up leaks.











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