Crossover Culture Sniper M LP Performance Hoops Analysis

Hoops Analysis on the newly released, Sniper M LP, in mid-top form.. Spoiler alert, they’re bangers!



After a year’s wait, Crossover Culture has finally launched their next season for their on-court line-up.

















The new sole for the Crossover Culture Fortune LP was rather forthcoming. Expecting a refined pattern and tread for the sole, that’s exactly what we have received here.

Sporting a multi-directional, modified herringbone sole, this is a solid rubber sole grabbed all court surfaces and conditions whether I was indoors or outdoors. Dust or no dust, these grabbed, and they grabbed hard. A huge improvement from its predecessor, wiping was a minimal issue, only every few plays. The rubber compound here is better in the new Fortune’s, than its previous season model.

The Crossover Culture logo at the right ball of the foot also has traction on it this time around. An original gripe we had told the brand with the original Fortune’s, and they executed upon the issue and put traction there. They gave an aesthetic piece some actual function, while still maintaining its purpose in grabbing the floor, and showcasing the brand’s logo. In addition, they also changed the pods at the side of the forefoot to herringbone, adding additional coverage, from the tight lines that was on its predecessor model.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Crossover Culture tweaked the issue we had with the logo at the ball of the forefoot, and this time around, the rubber compound actually grabbed the floor consistently. In addition, the LP Foam energy system and Wishbone Suspension system is back, and it’s better than its predecessor. The “Wishbone Suspension” system is a TPU plate beneath your foot, encased in LP Foam.

Providing me with a nice rebound back into my step, it still also maintained its responsive feature to it. You actually sit within the LP Foam midsole, meaning the foam rises up on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe, thus you’re not sitting directly atop the foam midsole. This is a major plus because the foam is soft, yet responsive, and still maintains that court feel that everybody likes. Impact protection was there, despite not being anything premier, it was still an ample amount for your average Joe.





Sniper M LP Top



This is where it gets a bit different. All of Crossover Culture’s performance shoes for basketball feature the same tooling from the midsole down. Aside from that, the upper is different from the Fortune LP, in comparison to these Sniper M LPs.

Knit is used here, but it’s not a “true” knit in comparison to the Fortune LP. This is a 3D molded knit, comprised of TPU (plastic yarns). The knit is woven, and pixelated TPU overlays arise over the actual woven material for a dope aesthetic look, while providing the shoe with a good function for support and security of the upper.

This time around, in the Sniper M LP, the knit is much more forgiving, and feels like a true knit, rather than the mainly plastic feeling knit in its predecessor. The knit in those felt like TPU, these don’t. The upper starts off super soft, and stays that way, and guess what? It’s support is phenomenal.

Volume in the toe was an issue I had with the new Fortune LP. Even after breaking them in, it was still an issue. These don’t have that issue, and fuse overlays are much more minimal, and light-weight in this shoe. There’s one thin fuse overlay covering just the mudguard area; everything else is knit and pure KNIT. The upper is thin but since you sit within the midsole, support was great when laterally cutting, and the fuse around the whole mudguard ensured my foot wasn’t slipping out of the footbed

In addition, unlike its predecessor, the Sniper M LP has thick heel padding, and a nice beefy heel counter, so this time around, there was no heel slippage. My heel was full contained, and the tongue has actual padding too. It’s always a pleasure to see when brand’s actually take their wear testers’ critique into consideration, and execute upon the issues, and fix them in more refined releases. Thank you Crossover Culture for that!

Aside from the top of the shoe, there’s one last thing I’d like to cover. First off, go true to size. Sizing is sort of all over the place with Crossover Culture’s line-up, so go true to size for the Sniper M LP specifically, I’d say. I told the crew that I’m a 9.5, thus I was sent a 9.5 in these, but sent a 9 in the Fortune’s. The Fortune’s fit big and had a lot of dead space, while these are damn near perfect. So I’d say go down at least a half size in the Fortune’s. If you like a suffocating fit then you could get away with going a half size down in these (the Snipers), but I’d stay TTS with these guys, as I experienced no issues with my standard 9.5. Otherwise, there’s a standard lacing enclosure that does a nice job of containing that thick tongue, and making sure my foot isn’t slipping inside the shoes.


Wrap Up


Solid job by Crossover Culture on their well-rounded, and newly refined line-up. The new Sniper M LP certainly improved the minimal gripes I had with its predecessor release in 2018, and I’m pleased to see Crossover Culture took our critique into account into refining their footwear. These are actually a totally new release, but all of the tooling and overall build from the Sniper Lo LP is pretty much this shoe, just in mid-top form.

These will be in my rotation, ahead of the Fortune LP, because of the sloppy fit I experienced initially in them. These are a solid all-around shoe. Nothing isn’t really done premier in the shoes, but they got everything done right. No major complaints here, and a huge thank you to Ryan Duke and the Crossover Culture Team for sending these out, and Il look forward to see what else the crew has in store for their next wave of releases.




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