Crossover Culture: Sniper Lo LP Performance Review

The Crossover Culture Sniper Lo LP has officially released, and here is its first official performance review.







MTMHoops or Nick here. The first official performance review on the site is HERE. Although we do have a video review of the Crossover Culture Sniper Lo LP available (linked below), here are my written thoughts. Lets go…










From first glance on court, the traction was slippery. One key piece from this is the Crossover Culture logo on the forefoot of the outsole that protrudes out from the actual sole. Yes, the logo is rubber, but it just didn’t grab until it broke in. Traction is great after a limited amount of break in time!

Yes, you’re going to need to do your occasional wiping every couple plays but whether you choose the solid or translucent outsoles, both should be biting your court after some break in time. I had the opportunity to test the solid and translucent outsoles and both played great after a good hour or two of break in time. Wiping was necessary on both color-ways every couple plays around the tight herringbone section. So far, the shoe sounds good right?














 Crossover Culture is giving us the opportunity for another “bang for your buck” cushioning system on the market. LP Foam is what it’s called, and I can’t lie, it’s great! It is comprised with the “wishbone suspension system”. In simplified terms that’s basically a TPU plate under neath your foot to give you lots of stability without restricting your flex zones. LP Foam is NOT like your traditional foam.

It’s good, and I mean like REALLY good. It gives adequate impact protection and doesn’t sit too high off the ground, and caters to all FIVE positions. You heard me right, all five positions. Crossover Culture believes in what is coming up to be position-less basketball, so why not cater a shoe to everybody? LP Foam has a “zero compression” setup to last you from Day 1 to 101. I

t for sure doesn’t break down and bottom out over time for the good two months I’ve had the opportunity to test the foam. It doesn’t compress too much but you do get a nice bounce back in your step in partner with that wishbone suspension system. It feels like the cushioning is always rebounding when you step in to it, providing you adequate impact protection, and a great feeling underneath your foot. I’m just as impressed as you should be.












Upper Materials:


 The Sniper Lo LP is giving us something similar to the adidas Dame 3s. I hate comparing shoes to other shoes, especially completely different brands. But, if you have tested the adidas Dame 3, the Crossover Culture Sniper Lo LP’s upper is on par or even better than that. They have a 3D molded knit upper, and yes it’s actually a knit comprised of plastic strands and coated with 3D molded urethane. If you don’t understand that, it’s a knit that is 3D molded across your foot with some overlays that literally protrudes out from it’s underlay. It’s nice. At first wear, it felt “crispy” on foot. It’ soft, doesn’t stretch out, and needs very little break in time. It’s going to give you that support that all five positions need in a hoop shoe. Whether you’re doing lateral cuts and crossovers, you should be covered.









 Don’t sleep on the Sniper Lo LP. It has your usual lacing system that most hoop shoes are going to give you. But it does it just right. Locks down your foot to the point of where the laces won’t untie and you’re not going to have any heel slippage. There is the slightest bit of toe space on the top of your foot, but it’s hardly noticeable and didn’t affect me personally when I was hooping in them. Now, the fit. This is the one thing that’s going to be weird for everyone.

I went up a half size in the Sniper Lo LP and you should probably too unless you want a really, and I mean really tight fit. Going up half a size shouldn’t affect your lockdown or fit. I’m a 9 and went with a 9.5 and the 9.5 really felt like a 9. Wide footers are definitely going to need to go up a half size and consider their needs in this situation. Size up a half size and you should be good to go. I’d recommend staying true to size, if and only if you have a really skinny foot.








Overall Thoughts


The Crossover Culture Sniper Lo LP’s are nice. Don’t get me wrong, everything performs to my standards in the sneakers. I still play in them. They are and will still be at the top of my rotation. The shoes did everything right apart from the traction being a little inconsistent depending upon the court you’re going to playing in. Everything wasn’t phenomenal. It was great, and the shoes just worked for me. I’d definitely recommend a pair for only a hundred bucks. You really can’t go wrong. Try out other brands, give the guy Ryan Duke and his brand Crossover Culture a chance because they are silently on the rise and absolutely killing it.






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