Crossover Culture Fortune LP Performance Review

The Crossover Culture Fortune LP has officially released, and here is its first official performance review.











What’s up One on One Nation? Here is one of the newest footwear brands to the game: Crossover Culture! Bringing in new and innovative technology for affordable price points. Lets get into the new kid to the block’s performance review; this time on the Crossover Culture Fortune LP.















The Fortune LP features the same midsole and outsole tooling as all of Crossover Culture’s performance models. The outsole and traction pattern is comprised a few different patterns. We have a modified multi-directional herringbone pattern for the forefoot of the sole with a semi-large Crossover Culture logo made of black rubber over the forefoot where your primary striking zone will probably be for most players. Again, this Crossover Culture logo is right where I strike my forefoot and I heavily use my forefoot when playing in the shoes.

I found that the translucent outsole performed a bit better then the solid rubber outsole, which is a large surprise as it’s usually the other way around. Overall after an hour or two of break-in time for the sole, they were sticking pretty good. I feel like the traction could have for sure been a 10/10 if the Crossover Culture logo on the forefoot was reduced or wasn’t there at all.

Plain and simple, I thoroughly enjoyed it though. It worked after being broken in, it just needed some wiping every 4-5 plays as dust will get trapped in the sole if you play on a dust court. Outdoors there were totally no issues either. I just think there could have been traction covering the area of the forefoot instead of the Crossover Culture logo.











Crossover Culture debuts their new “LP” foam and it’s nice. They state the foam will last you from “Day 1 up to Day 101”. I can confirm that is true thus far. The cushion shows no signs of bottoming out and is complimented with the wishbone suspension system, or a TPU plate underneath your foot for a bit of rebound and bounce back into your step and help keep you quicker on foot.

The LP Foam worked phenomenally well and it’s for sure a sleeper on the market. What people don’t do is give the smaller brand on the markets a chance. Give Crossover Culture a chance because I can tell you LP Foam is the sh*t! It stays a bit on the firmer side but it does give you a pretty plush feeling when taking impact from landings on court. It’s there, it’s noticeable that when I landed I could feel the cushioning absorbing my impact.

The sneaker also has a removable insole with an extra-thick area of foam on the heel of the insole. This is probably the best “bank for your buck” model cushioning wise you can get on the market right now and I mean it. You do sit just a tad-bit high off the ground but it totally caters to all five positions. The cushioning was firm, responsive, and maintained adequate impact protection for myself.












Probably the best part of this sneaker and there’s a lot of good things about it. Let me just start off by saying we have a REAL knit upper with this model in the forefoot of the sneaker. It’s a real, supportive knit and I absolutely loved it. No gimmicks, nothing. The knit isn’t reinforced with any TPU threads or anything of the sort. Additionally, we do have some fuse overlays around the toe area and heel portion of the sneaker for added durability and support.

It doesn’t feel cheap at all to me and I loved it. We also do have a thick piece of fuse that acts as a lockdown strap around your heel area of the shoe that works really well to lockdown your foot. Let me just say Crossover Culture killed it with the upper on these guys. It really created a great one-to-one fit for me. There’s also literal “indents” or lines shaped into the upper to better help flex the upper with your foot more naturally. Super nice touch on Crossover Culture’s end. The attention to detail is crazy. 10/10 upper, no issues, no nothing.








Fit/ Support



The fit’s going to be a little different for everyone. I personally found myself going up half a size as the fit is super snug/tight. I’d recommend doing so as well if you don’t want an almost suffocating or really tight feeling on your foot. Sizing up a half size will still give you that proper fit with just a bit of wiggle room which I personally enjoyed.

The upper is comprised of a one piece construction with a thin and stretchy neoprene feeling sock as the tongue and then the actual knit and fuse overlays to compliment that. The fit feels one-to-one with my foot and I never felt like I was swimming or my foot was moving around inside the shoe. Super snug and lockdown was fantastic as well! The lockdown straps on the medial and lateral sides of the ankle collar are literally strap around your ankle when you’re lacing up the shoe.

As per support, it’s a knit, so it won’t be anything supportive like a full on fuse or synthetic upper but the fuse overlays worked really well to make sure my foot stayed in place. No complaints there.



Overall Thoughts



For a new brand like Crossover Culture, they did absolutely everything right. This is being completely honest as well. The Fortune LP is probably the BEST “bang for your buck” model on the market now for just $110. Grab a pair now if you’re looking to try out something different from a new brand that performs really well for myself.

The sneakers did everything right along with the upper and cushion doing everything exceedingly well. Crossover Culture’s attention to detail was phenomenal in this model. I enjoyed the Fortune LP just a bit more because of the upper.

Thanks for tuning in to a new performance review on the site. Thank you for the massive, continued support. We look forward to grinding out articles, reviews, and more for everyone.



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