Crossover Culture Fortune LP First Impressions

Nick or MTMHoops here from OneonOneHoops.net. Yet again, another sneaker I’ve had the opportunity to wear test from the good guys over at Crossover Culture, a new, smaller brand to the market that too many overlook, and I mean way to many. Crossover Culture is one of those smaller brands you just have to try, because their stuff is good, and I mean REALLY good. I’ve had the pleasure to wear test their on court models – Sniper Lo LP (review on the site) and the Fortune LP (here is my first impressions) with the translucent outsole. But apart from all this talking, lets get straight into this.

Firstly, what a job well done thus far by Ryan Duke and Crossover Culture. They put together the Fortune LP’s as one of the most bang for your buck considered “budget models” on the market with good performance and for a cheap price of just $110. So, for the traction I’d say stick with the translucent. The solid and translucent outsoles slip the first couple wears but break in. It’s that big, Crossover Culture logo on the forefoot of the shoe that made me worrisome from the first couple of hours of wear testing them on court. But no worries, that rubber breaks in, and you’ll be just fine. The outsole doesn’t break in to the point of where you’ll be receiving stellar traction or anything of the sort, but it just works and works really well for myself being a heavy outdoors player as well. No durability issues so far, just your casual wiping every couple plays, which is expected from almost all shoes on the market all the time.

Overall, so far so good. Upper? Materials? Cushioning? Yeah, lets get into that. The upper is comprised of a knit, and I mean a REAL knit, no fuse that is actually welded into the knit. There are some fuse overlays across the shoe for of course, added durability and support which works really well and doesn’t feel restricting or heavy AT ALL on foot. Trust me, you’ll love the knit. As per the cushioning, we get LP Foam. If you didn’t know or ready this stuff is really good. They say it’ll last you from Day 1 to 101 and so far that’s true. It gives you a nice bounce back or “recoil” in your step and doesn’t bottom out or compress at all really. It’s subtle but works really well and I am thoroughly enjoying it in this particular model thus far. They don’t feel too heavy, but one thing… the fit.

Make sure you SIZE UP! If you have a high arch, a wide foot, or in general just don’t want an overly tight/suffocating fit, go up half a size and you’ll be good to go. I’m a 9, went with a 9.5 and they felt like a 9. I don’t like a suffocating feeling on foot. In fact, I like a little wiggle room and feel very content with the fit after sizing up a half size. There were no support or fit issues with sizing up half a size so far for, personally.

For my first impressions, yeah the Crossover Culture Fortune LP is really good so far. I’m enjoying them despite the small fit and inconsistent traction.

Grab a pair via crossoverculture.com or eastbay.com for just $110. Enjoy some HD pictures of them below.


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