Crossover Culture Crafted Drip | Detailed Look and Review

One on One Testers gives everyone a detailed look and review of the new Crossover Culture Crafted Drip.

Crossover Culture, the new kid on the block unleashes yet another killer model in their line. Huge thank you to Ryan Duke and his Crossover Culture crew for sending over a pair of Crafted Drips for myself to wear test casually. If you haven’t checked out the new brand to the market yet, you better do so by clicking HERE now because you’re missing out.

Since these are casual kicks, there is nothing performance wise to touch on, so lets get into this. Since these are casual sneakers, I’ll just be stating my thoughts on them after about two weeks of wear into them for nearly 45 hours.


Here we have a SUPER nice outsole. The Crafted Drips give us a superb translucent rubber outsole that squeaks almost every instant you drag your foot across a hardwood/tiled floor. These have a super grippy outsole that could probably even work for basketball. Although so far sounds so good, it gets even better, trust me. The rubber is on the softer side as I can flex the rubber with my fingers very easily, but this rubber is somet of the deepest and thickest grooves I have ever seen on many sneakers I have previously and currently own. So far so good. No durability issues, despite the rubber being on the softer side. The thick grooves are keeping me covered and I am thinking that this outsole will last me a while. One thing though, all of the Crafted Drip’s outsoles in three colorways have translucent rubber. Thus, if you don’t like your translucent rubber outsoles to yellow over time, you might have a problem as this translucent rubber WILL yellow.  But, who really cares? It’s not like people are constantly eyeing the bottom of our soles when we’re wearing these casually. Yellowing of an outsole should not be a worry to anyone.


The majority of the cushioning in the Crafted Drips, I personally feel like comes from mainly the ridiculously comfortable insole. NOTE, the insole features a heel crash pad made of foam and is Ortholite. It is REALLY comfortable. For the actual cushioning, we have Crossover Culture’s mixture of their own CMEVA foam. No, it’s not LP foam like we see in their performance models, it’s a thinner foam with a slightly firmer compound. It sits extremely low to the ground and kept me covered after nine or so hours from wearing them to classes to work. Nope, my knees, legs, or any part of my body ached or felt tired after wearing these. The insole gives you insane step-in comfort and the actual foam midsole of the sneaker kept me covered fine. No, EVA foam isn’t anything special, but Crossover Culture’s mixture of their EVA foam for the Crafted Drips felt comfortable on foot. If you expect a bouncy, high rebound cushioning in this sneaker, you won’t get that. All I can describe about this foam is it sits low to the ground, develops a bit of a plush feeling after some break-in time. It’s comfortable on foot and definitely got the job done.


The absolute BEST feature about this shoe, and there are a lot of adequate features all around these guys. In theory, we literally have a full-on sock attached to a thin midsole. The materials consist of a full stretch-knit upper, and trust me it’s STRETCHY! I don’t like to use comparisons when reviewing shoes, but since Crossover Culture is a new brand the majority of sneaker lovers have not tried, I’d say that this stretch knit upper is on par, if not BETTER than the adidas Ultra Boost. Yeah, I went ahead and say that. And yes, I also have a pair of Ultra Boosts in my household as well. This upper is crazy. It stretches very nicely, makes the sneaker extremely easy to put on, and is having no signs of wear or durability problems so far. Durability is surprisingly great as most knit sneakers occasionally have some form of fraying after some wear. Guess what? These don’t! The material also fits very closely to my somewhat narrow foot, but we’ll get into that up next.

Fit, Support, & Lockdown

Like I was saying previously, the stretch-knit upper fit very close to my foot. Also, I have an oddly shaped foot. I have a narrow foot from my heel to my mid-foot, but then I have a pretty wide forefoot. This upper material absolutely locked down my foot. The downside of having a one piece knitted upper is that these won’t fit all foot styles, especially if you have a very skinny foot. I have a pretty high arch, so I didn’t experience a poor fit. It was actually very surprising to see a shoe with a knit to fit my odd foot so well. In complete honesty, it was a super pleasurable experience to have a good fit in casual sneakers for once. Sizing wise, I went up a half size and still had no issues. The little bit of support in the sneakers are provided by the mid-foot velcro strap and full grain leather heel piece. The two features complimented each other in locking down my foot, and I had no issues here either. It’s weird as I feel like the Crossover Culture casual line sneakers fit true to size, while the on-court models fit a half size small. As long as you go true to size in these, you should be good to go. Narrow/skinny footers may want to consider going down a half size, as the fit isn’t custom with it’s own tongue. Personally, I experienced no issues with the fit, but everyone’s fit is different, so please do yourself a favor and consider the options I just mentioned.

Overall Thoughts

Grab a pair now, and I mean it! The Crossover Culture Crafted Drip not only met all my expectations, but exceeded them, phenomenally. These have to be the best casual sneakers I’ve worn in a long time. They were very comfortable, and kept up with my day to day runs in them. I still have not experienced any durability issues with them either, which is fantastic. Grab them on or for only $100. Crossover Culture did justice with these. Watch the video review below!

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