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First things first, major shouts out to Ryan Duke, and his Crossover Culture team for getting the One on One Hoops team another pair of kicks, this time being the Crafted Drip off-court sneakers. Nothing but thanks to the Crossover Culture family for constantly taking care of the One on One Hoops crew and giving us the opportunity to wear test product, provide feedback, and promote their new & prominent product to the market.

So as a ‘first impressions’, there isn’t much to say. These are strictly casual sneakers. The upper is literally a sock. The upper consists of what Crossover Culture is calling a ‘stretch knit’. The stretch knit is the WHOLE upper, not just the forefoot, but it is literally the WHOLE upper. We also have a genuine leather heel tab to make sure your foot is going to be locked down in these sneakers, since the shoes are basically are a sock as it is.

The final addition of the sneakers is the mid-foot velcro strap that is a thicker stretch knit. This is the only true form of support you’ll really be receiving from these sneakers. Again, these are essentially a sock with a midsole on the bottom of it. If you watched my unboxing video of these guys, my reaction says it all. Now, I hate comparing shoes, but, I have a pair of Ultra Boosts in my household and these are on par, if not better than the upper of the ultraboost. It’s just as stretchy and soft, but feels even more durable straight out of the box then the Ultra Boost.

As per the usual, we have LP Foam as the cushioning of the sneaker. It is a little bit more thinned out for a better low the ground feeling, feels just as soft in the on-court models and is working well with me personally from a first try on and wearing them to work for a few hours. It’s not anything spectacular, but you do get a bit of rebound from the cushioning but your legs shouldn’t be aching after wearing them. It gets the job done really well, becomes a bit more plush after some break in time, and does not bottom out over extended use over time.

Overall, for a first impressions, the Crossover Culture Crafted Drip is PHENOMENAL. An absolute must have in your casual footwear collection. Coming in at the price point of $110, I’m stoked to get my feet back into these shoes because they are just that nice. You all definitely need to consider the options on the market because for $110 you’re getting something that is knocking most ‘elite’ or ‘high-end’ casual sneakers on the market, straight out of the water. The Drips look sleek, fashionable, and something different & new to try out. Give the new guys to the market a chance.


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