Check Out The Under Armour Curry 8’s Durability

Behind the durability of the Under Armour Curry 8.

While the Under Armour Curry 8 has yet to see an official stateside release, it should be coming very soon. However, several consumers overseas already have their hands on pairs and have been able to play in them, which gives us a glimpse into the performance and durability of Stephen Curry’s eighth signature shoe with Under Armour.

Under Armour describing the Curry 8 as the “greatest performance improvement in basketball footwear. Ever”. Well, that doesn’t seem super accurate from what we’re about to show you.

Showcased below is a comparison between the Curry 8’s outsole unworn and worn on the court. The Curry 8 midsole and outsole is the same, it’s all one material, which is UA’s Flow foam material (likely to be an EVA). Generally outsoles are made of rubber, which is designed to grip court conditions better and have better durability than a foam. However, Under Armour opted to keep the sole all one material: foam. This is extremely concerning because although the grip of the traction may be good, the durability will not, and it’s clearly shown below. We’ve already heard from several wearers overseas who have worn the Curry 8, and they all are running into the same issues—poor outsole durability. The photo below clearly shows just how “flattened out” the outsole is on the Curry 8, and this is only after a brief amount of play. And, for a $160 retail price, this is extremely concerning if you’re going to pay that much money for a shoe that isn’t going to be durable.

h/t: HUPU user 刀爷越发地板流.


Shown below is the heel compression of the Curry 8 and a detailed view of the Flow foam sole. Thanks to Sneaks & Feet on YouTube for sharing his thoughts on the Curry 8 with us in his video.

So, for a brief conclusion, take this article as you will. It seems like the Curry 8 will be very similar to the Curry 6: poor outsole durability for lots of wearers. Unfortunately this looks like a complete design flaw for not including a rubber outsole, and will likely have many wearers experiencing poor outsole durability if they choose to take these outdoors or wear them for extended periods of time indoors. We’ll continue to update this article as we see more wearers get their hands on pairs of the Curry 8 and wear them on court. However, we likely won’t be reviewing them.

For those interested, the Under Armour Curry 8 will be releasing Saturday, December 12th, 2020 for $160 MSRP on Under Armour’s official website and select retailers.

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