Candace Parker Unveils the Captain Marvel adidas Pro Vision ‘ACE’

WNBA player Candace Parker debuts a Captain Marvel colorway of the adidas Pro Vision.



With Captain Marvel just having been released and many fans gearing up for the premier of Endgame, adidas comes out with some dope new Marvel inspired colorways. The N3XT L3V3L payed homage to good ol Captain America, but now the Pro Vision has surfaced in a Captain Marvel colorway. Here’s the adidas Pro Vision Captain Marvel ‘Ace’. What makes this even better is that WNBA player/ LA Sparks Forward Candace Parker has debuted this superhero inspired colorway.

Amazing to grab people’s attention, a female superhero and female basketball player both join forces and the product is this awesome Captain America colorway. Just because this colorway is inspired by a female superhero, doesn’t mean guys can’t join in on the hype, Donovan Mitchell was seen wearing this same colorway too! That wraps up this special colorway, in the meantime, who else is super excited for Endgame?



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