Best Look Yet at the ANTA GH2

Best look yet at Gordon Hayward's second signature shoe.

Original Post (July 16th, 2020): NBA All Star and Boston Celtics’ forward, Gordon Hayward, has debuted his second signature shoe—the ANTA GH2. Hayward’s debut GH1 signature shoe is our favorite basketball shoe not only of 2020, but also of all time for performance and aesthetics. Not only do they play excellent, but they also look fantastic for casual wear as well.

The ANTA GH2 arrives with a build featuring with a one-piece bootie constructed synthetic leather upper, paired with a lacing enclosure that utilizes nylon cabled eyelets. While it’s not confirmed as of yet, the midsole set-up will likely be A Flash Foam, which was featured in the GH1 and KT5. Moreover, the midsole is slightly caged at the midfoot by an angled ANTA logo for midsole stability, and lockdown at the midfoot of the upper. Hayward’s logo is now also placed at the rear on the GH2, instead of the tongue on the GH1. A new feature added to the GH2 is also an external, visible shank plate, something that was not featured on the GH1. An outsole featuring a storytelling tiger-paw inspired traction pattern completes the look.

Let us know what you think of the ANTA GH2 in the comments below. The GH2 looks to take everything from the already phenomenal performance of the GH1, and slightly modify it, to continue the trend of premier performance in the Gordon Hayward ANTA signature line. Stay tuned for further updates.

UPDATE: The ANTA GH2 has been officially unveiled. Click here for more information.

UPDATE (November 30th, 2020): After several months of waiting, we finally have our best look yet at the ANTA GH2, and the photos really show some details of the shoe.

The following set of photos unveils a look at a brand new colorway of the GH2, utilizing what appears to be a synthetic upper and a neoprene one-piece construction. This photo also unveils that the shoe will utilize Alti-Flash foam for the cushioning, which the KT6 also features. The last photo in the slideshow showcases colorways of the shoes on display in a shoe store overseas, with the first look of the Christmas colorway.

h/t: uonesone, HUPU user 杰超满地, shuanghuoweiyan.

The next set of photos unveils a better look at the original Boston Celtics inspired GH2 colorway that was first debuted by Gordon Hayward during a practice in the NBA Bubble in mid July. Comparing to the previous photos, the upper material has changed from a synthetic to a textured knit, with the texture being drawn from tiger stripe patterns. The second colorway is one we have not yet seen which brings a loud look to the shoe, with what appears to be the same knitted upper. The last photo in this slideshow shows a photo that Gordon Hayward himself recently posted on his Instagram, showcasing upcoming Charlotte Hornets inspired colorways of the GH2 at what is likely a debut event for the shoe.

h/t: ctto and HUPU user 28489.

The ANTA GH2 will be releasing quarter 1 of 2021, expected to be sometime in early January. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

Original Post Photos (July 16th, 2020):

h/t: NBAE via Getty Images.
Outsole of the ANTA GH2, via Alexis Lin.

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