Behind The Lateral Containment Issues of the Nike PG 4

Behind the lateral containment issues of the Nike PG 4.

In late December 2019, we shared a controversial photo on our Instagram page that depicted the PG 4 not having any TPU shank or torsional support. Many of you had mixed opinions as to whether or not arch and torsional support in a shoe is a necessity, and now we have an even bigger topic to discuss. Now, in February 2020, we have a look at in-game photos of Matisse Thybulle’s Nike PG 4 ‘Black Ice’ pair not being able to contain his foot laterally.

The photos below show in game coverage of Matisse Thybulle driving to the basket with his feet literally rolling out of the foot-bed in his PG 4 ‘Black Ice’ colorway. This shows up as a concern due to the fact that Thybulle is a Nike-endorsed athlete, and should be receiving PEs of the PG 4, instead of retail versions with poor lateral containment and support, which appears to be the ones he is wearing in game below.

Displayed below is a photo of Matisse Thybulle once again driving to the basket, but with a lot less force on his feet, as you can see the PG 4 appears to still be intact, and is containing Thybulle’s feet on drives.

Shown below are photos of normal “hard” drives to the basket. As you can see, the shoes still remain intact, despite the shoe obviously being stretched to contain the foot of a large NBA athlete. However, the difference between the photos below, and the the top photos of Thybulle’s PG 4 not being able to contain his foot, is that the PG 4 lacks a few major elements: 1) Outriggers. 2). Supportive materials. The Nike PG 4 has a thin mesh shroud that overlays a neoprene bootie. The material has proven to not be supportive enough for now an NBA player, and several wearers that have mentioned this issue too. The photos below show players driving to the basket in their shoes. However, their shoes are still intact, and are still containing their foot, unlike Thybulle’s PG 4.

Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images.

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  1. I think Thybule is not lacing the shoe properly causing the lateral mishaps.

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