Behind The Durability of the Nike KD 13

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Following up with the durability of the KD 12, we’re now taking a look behind the durability of Kevin Durant’s latest signature shoe, the Nike KD 13.

While the Nike KD 13 has only been available for just short of two months, photos have already surfaced showcasing a wearer’s outsole durability. The following set of photos display the KD 13’s outsole at the midfoot where the rubber is peeling away from the TPU midfoot plate, which aims to provide torsional rigidity to the shoe. Over the past few years, Nike has been known for utilizing thin-grooved nub rubber outsoles which are notorious for their lack of durability and constantly peel off just after a few wears. The KD 13’s outsole is no exception to this, as well as recent shoes like the PG 4 and Kyrie 6 which also feature very shallow grooved outsoles that lack good durability over the course of wears.

While this may just be an isolated issue from one wearer’s perspective, it’s something to take note if you have interest in purchasing the KD 13 and other shoes that utilize rubber outsoles like these in the future. For a $150 signature shoe, we’d expect Nike to give us a more durable outsole, like ANTA, PEAK, and adidas have done, but we unfortunately can’t follow Nike’s logic and thinking. Nike has also lacked incorporating TPU midfoot plates in shoes such as the KD 12, PG 4, Kyrie 5, and several other models in the past as well.

h/t: sneakerhighway23.

Stay tuned for further updates as more photos will likely surface in the future of the Nike KD 13’s durability.

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