Behind The Durability of the Nike KD 12

Behind the durability of the Nike KD 12.

We’ve recently reported the flaws and durability issues of the Air Jordan 34, as well as the PG 4’s lateral containment issues. Now, as per request, we’re bringing you behind the durability of Kevin Durant’s twelfth signature shoe—the Nike KD 12.

We first begin with the outsole. After what appears to be a good amount of dust trapped within the grooves of the sole, the Nike KD 12’s outsole appears to hold up after quite a beating, showing little to no signs of wear. However, if you excessively use the shoes and wear them, expect the grooves to rip off, or wear down sooner or later, as the tread is thin, and the rubber is soft and pliable. Be sure to stay away from outdoor use as well, as the grooves (tread) will wear down faster than you could even imagine.

h/t: HUPU user 欲火重生.

The sockliner shows somewhat average/normal wear, as the nylon material has worn down in the high-wear area of the sockliner at the collar. This is normal, and is to be expected over time, as the KD 12’s sockliner material isn’t built to last forever, but should however last long enough for a good season or two of basketball before wearing down as bad as this.

h/t: HUPU user 虎扑用户852515.

The tooling of the shoe is where some worry now enters the equation. What appears to have happened in the set of photos below is a deformation of the actual outsole when produced in the factory. This is likely just an isolated issue, to a few set pairs, and definitely should not be a concern. However, it’s interesting to see what other wearers receive as it shows the common flaws some pairs may be sent out with, and goes to show as big as Nike is as a corporation, they should definitely pay more attention to their quality control. However, the Nike KD 12 looks to meet expectations, and has proven to be one of the best performers in the long-lived Kevin Durant Nike signature line-up, as well as have good durability, with a few slide-ups here and there.

Let us know what you think of the KD 12 in the comments below, and if you’ve experienced any issues with your pairs. Keep it locked to the site for further updates on Kevin Durant’s latest footwear, including his upcoming Nike KD 13.

h/t: HUPU user 虎扑用户591464 .

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