Behind The Durability of the adidas Crazy BYW X 2.0

Behind the durability of the adidas Crazy BYW X 2.0.

The adidas Crazy BYW 2.0 only made its official retail debut just weeks ago, and now we have a look behind the durability of adidas’ latest Boost equipped basketball shoe.

Displayed in the photos below are one pair of the Crazy BYW 2.0 with its upper ripping apart at the high wear area of the shoe (where the shoe flexes). Shown is the upper ripping and separating from the mudguard overlay at the forefoot after usual basketball wear.

h/t: HUPU user 虎扑用户347273.

While this shouldn’t be much of a concern to the “average” sneakerhead that plans on wearing their own pairs of the Crazy BYW 2.0s, it should really just be taken as an isolated issue that one wearer experienced, and that others could experience if they are rough on their shoes. Regardless, we share this information with you to act as a source to see what could happen to your pair of the adidas Crazy BYW 2.0s if used too extreme, as the engineered mesh upper of the shoes are quite cheap. However, once the upper does rip on the shoes, it should be taken as a concern due to the extremities of the issue: less lateral support on cuts and drives to the basket, and a potential ankle roll if the issue becomes worse.

Let us know your thoughts on the adidas Crazy BYW 2.0 in the comments below, and if you’ve experienced any durability issues with your pairs. Keep it locked here for further potential updates.

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