Behind The Design Process Of The adidas D Rose 10

Behind The Design Process Of The adidas D Rose 10

Derrick Rose and the Three Stripes just released the former MVP’s tenth signature shoe very quietly. Now, we have a look at the design process of how the adidas D Rose 10 were made.

Producing a shoe all begins with a simple sketch. Not just one sketch, but multiple different sketches. Ideation, creativity, and countless hours of sketching and designing. Shown below you can see the various ideation sketching, rendering, and different mock-ups/samples created of the adidas D Rose 10, before they were put into production.

We can also see that the D Rose 10 arrived heavily inspired by the adidas D Rose 1.5, which made a retro return earlier this year.

Moreover, the wear-testing and production part of creating a shoe quite possibly may be the hardest part of creating the shoe. adidas Hoops had to create different ideations of the D Rose 10, likely done for wear testing. Different molds, chassis, and features are additionally tested.

Let us know what you think of the adidas D Rose 10 in the comments below, and keep it locked to the site as new colorways surface. Also check out the D Rose 1 and D Rose 4 that are set to retro in 2020.

h/t: johnkaiserknight.

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