ANTA Shock The Game 4.0 “Crazy Tide” Performance Review

ANTA Shock The Game 4.0 "Crazy Tide" Performance Review

The Shock The Game line from ANTA has always been a very affordable line-up, offering premier performance, for a competitive, budget-friendly price. Here’s our ANTA Shock The Game 4.0 “Crazy Tide” Performance Review.

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The Shock The Game 4.0 “Crazy Tide” is just one of many “Shock The Game 4.0” models that ANTA currently has to offer. However, it is the “higher end” model of the entire 4.0 series. They arrive equipped with a full length A Shock 3.0 foam midsole atop a jagged groove traction pattern, paired with textile uppers with various overlays and paneling, as well as a lateral “A Shock Stabilizer” for lateral containment and support, and an asymmetrical nylon cabled lacing enclosure to complete the shoe.

After playing in the Shock The Game 4.0 “Crazy Tide”, I have to say I’m honestly not surprised with how well they performed. This is simply due to the fact that ANTA has and will continue to impress time and time again with their premier performing basketball shoes, and the Shock The Game’s do not disappoint. Traction, cushion, fit, lockdown, support, containment, and just everything in between performed stellar with the Shock The Game’s.

My only gripe I had with the shoe was the cushion, where it often felt “laggy” on foot due to how soft and plush the A Shock 3.0 foam is. I personally prefer A Flash Foam as it is just as plush and comfortable as A Shock, but it offers more of a “bouncy” or “springy” feeling and sensation underfoot, while retaining great impact protection and court feel. A Shock however, just felt laggy at times, as it doesn’t have the “springy” feedback A Flash features. Nevertheless, the A Shock 3.0 still offers fantastic impact protection, court feel, and overall comfort underfoot, and although I may feel laggy at times when playing with them due to just how soft the cushion is, it was far from a dealbreaker for me. While I believe this shoe is more ideally suitable for big men, any player of any position should be able to enjoy playing in these, even though quick, shifty guards may experience some “lag” when in motion.

The ANTA Shock The Game 4.0 “Crazy Tide” is available at select retailers like,, and in select colorways and sizes. I’d highly recommend to grab a pair to try out for yourself as I believe you’d be impressed with just how beastly they perform. Let me know what you think of my performance review in the comments below.

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