ANTA Shock The Game 3.0 Performance Review

@zippythejap brings you his ANTA Shock The Game 3.0 Performance Review.

A friend, and big supporter of, Alan, (@zippythejap), brings us his ANTA Shock The Game 3.0 Performance Review. Read below to check out his thoughts on the performance on one of ANTA’s most popular budget-friendly basketball shoes.


1) Anta’s solid-colored durable outdoor rubber
2) Forefoot section is sharp jagged herringbone
3) Rest of the shoe is horizontal and diagonal straight lines
4) Hard tacky bite and dust was not an issue: never had any slips or slide-outs
5) Rubber comes up on both sides of forefoot: good for occasionally using the medial side of your
foot to stop like Kyrie
6) The midsole is “decoupled” so the only parts of the traction in contact with the ground are your
heel or your entire forefoot. We will cover how this affects my playstyle later.


1) According to their site: the heel is 45 ° A-Shock foam and forefoot is 50 ° A-Shock foam
2) In reality, it is just full-length A-Shock 2.0 foam. I suspect it’s some sort of EVA.
3) The insole is a 5-6 mm thick plush Ortholite insole (not the cheap thin Nike Ortholite stuff)
4) It’s a combination of Boost and Bounce: soft but not overly plush, stable but not stiff.
5) The forefoot section is caged by the outsole for added stability, yet this does not reduce the
cushion’s effect. The heel is slightly caged by the heel counter, but no effect on the cushion.
6) I’m not sure about the exact height dimensions, but all I can feel is that my forefoot is super low
to the ground, and somehow, I never got shin splits or a sore back and knees after playing for a
few hours. I had plenty of court feel but I still had good impact protection.
Midsole shape:
1) The midsole is “decoupled” but not really because the midsole is still contiguous
2) The heel is super rounded which lets me roll into my stride and comfortably run or stop
3) The forefoot has a prominent “toe-off” section (similar to the Why Not 0.2)
4) The midsole actually comes up the sides a bit so your foot is cradled inside of the midsole
cushion in addition to the heel counter and forefoot rubber
5) The rounded heel, “decoupled” midsole, and toe-off section are really great for just running in
general. It was a smooth heel to toe transition, and I could immediately accelerate/decelerate or
get on my forefoot to play perimeter defense.

Material Quality

1) Jacquard/mesh like material that is soft and flexible without any glue
2) Has an underlying layer of neoprene-like material
3) Traditional tongue system
4) Thin rubber material protecting your toes
5) Overall, it’s just a very soft comfortable material. Definitely worth more than the low-price tag.


1) There is a huge plastic heel counter with a Velcro strap (yes I know just like the Why Not 0.1)
2) Absolutely zero heel slippage (this also ties into the fit of the shoe)
3) Overall the outsole is flat, and the forefoot section is wide
4) I would have liked an outrigger though
5) Because of the decoupled midsole, I didn’t feel as “flat” or stable as I would have if I was wearing a shoe like the Kobe 1 Protro
6) There is an internal midfoot torsion bar that stops right before your forefoot. Not the best, but it is still good enough


1) My true size is a Nike 6.5 Wide, and I ordered this shoe in 6.5 and it fit me perfectly
2) The upper material was soft and flexible, but it didn’t stretch at all
3) My big toe had less than a centimeter of wiggle room which is perfect for me lengthwise
4) My foot is wide and widthwise I did not feel any pinching or pressure
5) I recommend actually measuring your foot size in cm and then going to Nike to match up your
shoe size because ANTA says they use Nike’s sizing
6) The heel section is slightly padded, but I wish there were some achilles heel pads. No
padding in the forefoot either. It’s comprised of the internal booty and the outer knit material.
7) As mentioned before, you don’t actually sit on top of a slab of foam. The midsole foam actually
comes up the sides of your foot, so your foot is sitting inside of the foam. Add that to the heel
counter and the outsole rubber caging your forefoot, and you have a pretty solid lockdown.
8) However, if you are LeBron, don’t wear this shoe. The material will contain us mortals just fine,
but if you’re LeBron, I’d stick with a material that has more plastic fuse and Foamposite.
9) If the shoe fits you lengthwise but the upper feels a little tight, remove the thick insole.

Overall effect on my playstyle:

1) I’m light and quick on my feet, specifically my forefoot, so a decoupled midsole works great for
me. The prominently slanted forefoot section with the toe-off really promoted me playing defense
on my toes. In addition, the shoe was flat horizontally speaking, so I could still use the toe-off to
rock forward, but laterally I was flat and stable.
2) However, because at all times only my heel and/or forefoot are in contact with the ground, I
found it difficult to hold my ground when a big backed me down into the post.
3) I definitely felt more responsive and agile because of the decoupled midsole and toe off section,
but I sacrificed that “flat foot” feeling. I was super low to the ground and the overall midsole,
especially the forefoot section when you are on it, are flat, so I never got hurt. Plus, the heel
counter, midsole, and outsole caging in the forefoot cradles the sides of your foot so you’re not
sliding all over the footbed.
4) The internal midfoot shank bar only covers your midfoot. The forefoot section was super flexible.
If you are a normal human, you should be fine.
5) There was ample support and containment for my size/playstyle, but I definitely would not trust
the shoe if I were LeBron or Zion.
6) I like to shoot starting from my feet. When I am shooting, I load my feet and lift onto my
forefoot. This midsole design works great for me. The rounded heel and toe-off section let me
“rock into” or “roll into” my shot. I could immediately stop on a dime and roll into my pull up.
When I was shooting free-throws or 3’s, I got a lot more momentum from my feet because the
rounded decoupled midsole promotes that.

Who is this shoe NOT for:

1) Big centers or big forwards who operate in the post and need support like LeBron
2) players who like to have their entire foot contacting the ground

Who is this shoe for:
1) Players who love perimeter defense
2) Guards/wings that spend most of their time on their forefoot
3) Players who like to rock into and lift off of their feet into their shot

Price: $99 (high) or $108 (low)

If you’re interested in purchasing more ANTA shoes, you can head over to and browse more of ANTA’s collections.

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