ANTA KT6 Official Unveiling & First Impressions

Everything you need to know about the ANTA KT6.

ANTA and Klay Thompson have put together a remarkable relationship and fantastic performing signature line of footwear for the sharpshooting, three-time NBA champion, and All Star himself. Now, their tenure isn’t slowing down as the ANTA KT6 is officially here, and it’s loaded with new technology we’ve never seen before.

Behind The Shoe: Inspiration

With the theme of “High mountains, Nature flows”, ANTA opted to integrate a lot of Chinese design elements into the shoe, which gives us a new interpretation for the KT6. According to Klay Thompson’s flexible and smooth offense, and stable and efficient defense on court, the KT6 designer, Mr. Zheng, adopted the design concept of “high mountains, nature flows” to express the contemporary oriental aesthetic concept of “mountains are powerful and water is invisible”. At the same time, the theme of “Mountains and rivers” reflects Klay Thompson’s consistent style of playing — smooth offense and stationary defense.

Details of the Design:

Based on the design concept of “high mountains, nature flows “, the designer Mr. Zheng, used a large number of landscape elements in KT6, the sole landscape symbols, the outer chevron lateral support, surrounding ripple texture of TPU. Inside, we could see chevron TPU support, the surface of the upper ripple texture, water droplets Velcro strap, which meets function, design, and aesthetic.

On the bottom and side of the outsole, the ANTA and Klay Thompson signature logos were placed respectively. The words on the national emblem of Bahamas, Klay’s hometown, and the information that Klay ran 1,267 miles during the five NBA seasons from 2014-2018 were added, making it the player with the longest running distance in the NBA (1,267).

The mountain TPU inside the heel of the shoes, there are six layers of mountains with Klay’s achievements on each layer, implying that the generation is better than previous one. The sixth layer is blank, as we expect Klay to create new achievements in the KT6.

  • 1st Layer: the first player in the first-three-year career hit 500 three pointers in NBA history
  • 2nd Layer: 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals Game 6, Klay knocks down 11 three pointers
  • 3rd Layer: 37 points in one single quarter
  • 4th Layer: 10 three pointers in one half, 14 three pointers in one whole game, and 9 three pointers in one single quarter
  • 5th Layer: 60 points in 29 minutes

The Technology:

The 3D FLOW technology system carried by the KT6 is not a single traditional technology application, but is built according to Klay’s positioning as a top 3D player, as well as the functional requirements corresponding to its technology and his style. It is a complete system that integrates multiple technology modules and integrates the bottom surface. The system is mainly composed of four technology modules: “3D HUG” stable support module, “CARBON FIBER” torsion-resistance & force transmission module, “SMART S.A.M. + ALTI FLASH”, an intelligent shock absorption and rebound module, and a mountain ripple inspired outsole.

The stability support module of “3D HUG” is composed of an integral 3D surround TPU structure on the bottom surface, which can provide effective forehand lateral support and rear-hand stability functions when there is a large emergency stop change in direction

“SMART S.A.M. + ALTI FLASH” is an intelligent shock absorption rebound module
which is made of technologically bulletproof materials. The SMART S.A.M. technology reduces the impact of takeoff and landing on ankles and knees, and absorbs the energy by 95.4%. Its theory is the effect of molecular shock absorption. Under normal conditions, the molecular spacing is large, the molecules are in a random semi-free state, and the material presents a soft touch. When the material is subjected to an impact force, the molecules of the material will absorb the impact force instantaneously, with the molecular spacing decreasing and the molecules closely arranged into a regular form, the material becomes hard instantaneously, so as to achieve instant shock absorption and supportive stability.

“ALTI FLASH” foam has a rebound rate of up to 70%, which can bring better midsole energy feedback. Meanwhile, the material also has better anti-deformation and anti-fatigue functions, which can maintain better midsole performance after long time wearing. The combination of the two provides a perfect balance between the start of the jump and the shock of landing.

The mountain water ripple inspired traction pattern is designed to provide excellent and effective grip on all movements.

The “3D FLOW” technology system, which organically integrates the above four technology modules, together with the design of water-drop band, will provide excellent guarantee for top 3D players represented by KT on both ends of the attack and defense.

Whether the player faces a lot of cut and get rid of the defensive end, the system can not only help them to get enough lateral support, anti-twisting and ankle protection during the emergency stop and sharp turn, but also can get strong feedback of the forehand high spring and sensitive conduction of the forehand and forehand power at the start. The outstanding midfoot binding and rear palm cushioning ensure that the KT6 delivers stunning wrap and stable support. The existence of the “3D FLOW” system increases the effect of KT6 attacking and defending to the extreme as well as the comprehensive nature of sneaker technology.

The Shoe Box Design:

The KT6 shoe box is made of a paper pulp material, aligning with the idea that environmental protection will be “renewable”. The box is renewable pulp production. The shoe box has two versions, namely “Tianyuan (environmentally-friendly pulp box)” and “Place”. The lines of the KT6 outsole are engraved on the shoe box, forming a landscape symbiosis texture.

The Unveiled Colorways:

ANTA debuted four colorways in total at the KT6 launch event. The Black Ink is the main color of the shoes. The upper of the shoes is decorated with blue ink patterns. The left and right feet are respectively printed with calligraphy fonts of “High mountain” and “Nature flows”.

The concept of high mountains and Nature flows is also embodied in the design details of the sneakers. The lace-right and left feet lace-waist are respectively written with the words “Weiwei is like Mount Tai” and “Soup is like flowing water”. The original text is from Lu’s Spring and Autumn Period · Ben Wei: Boya guqin is listened to by Zhong Ziqi. When he set his sights on the Taishan mountain, Zhong Ziqi said, “Good is the taishan mountain, majestic is the Taishan mountain. Between less choice, and aim at flowing water”, Zhong Zi period said again, “Good is the harp, and the soup is like running water.'”

Nick’s First Impressions:

At this point, everyone essentially already knows how I feel about ANTA. ANTA makes the best performing and affordable basketball shoes on the market, and after each shoe I test from them, I’m always impressed by how well they perform. The KT6 takes everything from its predecessor models and fine-tunes it into one performance basketball shoe beast. While I am not fully finished wear testing the shoes, I’m already beyond amazed with how they perform.

The upper is more restrictive with the fuse and woven overlaying this time around, but it offers a great amount of support and containment without being TOO restrictive, and maintains an incredibly lightweight feel in hand and on foot.

The tooling is amazing… so far. I believe this is the first ANTA shoe to feature ALTI Flash foam, and it doesn’t disappoint. It has a different feeling and sensation underfoot than A Flash and A Shock Foam. ALTI Flash is a bit firmer than both its predecessor foams, but has a lot more rebound and a “springy” or bouncy feel underfoot. It firms up when in motion but doesn’t sacrifice impact protection. I’ve only played in the KT6 once on an indoor court thus far, and I only expect the cushion to feel better and better the more I wear them.

As previously said, I have only played with these on an indoor court so far. The indoor court I play on is my university’s Rec Center court and it’s DUSTY. Extremely dusty. However, the KT6 was gripping. Dust still accumulated within the grooves of the outsole because of just how bad the court condition was, but I still wasn’t slipping out. They stick like absolute glue for a few plays, and then once the dust accumulates, the grip of the outsole just isn’t as tacky as it was before the dust accumulated. I don’t find this to be much of an issue or concern though, because I still wasn’t slipping out even when dust accumulated on the outsole. I never found myself worried about slipping even if I didn’t wipe the sole every few minutes, which is a huge bargain, especially for a translucent outsole.


While these were just my first impressions after playing in the KT6 once so far, I’m very impressed. Each KT signature shoe just keeps getting better and better each year, and consistently pushes the bar and expectations of just how well and versatile a performance basketball shoe can and should perform. Stay tuned as we’ll be uploading our full ANTA KT6 Performance Review in VIDEO format very soon.

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