ANTA GH2 First Impressions

ANTA GH2 First Impressions from Nick and Alan.

After quite the whirlwind of a year, 2020 is just about over, and that means it’s time for another year full of brand new basketball shoe releases. However, before the end of 2020, the ANTA GH2 finally released this month and we have our First Impressions to share with you. Our full ANTA GH2 Performance Review will be published sometime next month.

Alan’s First Impressions:

Right off the bat I love the decoupled outsole. The arch plate doesn’t feel stiff or painful and my forefoot still feels flexible because the plate stops right before my forefoot. The decoupled outsole is still flat on all edges so I don’t feel unstable like I did in the Why Not? Zer0.2. Overall, the fit and comfort is a step above last year’s model, but I still love the premium suede/leather GH1 I have. It just feels really integrated into my foot with all the overlays and support pieces directly controlled by the lacing system. The traction feels a bit more durable than the last iteration, but I am a bit worried about the small nubs on the forefoot traction pod. The cushion feels great and I love how the cushion is not caged like the KT6. These feel like a fast, flexible, yet supportive comfortable shoe. Can’t wait to wear-test these when the weather gets better.

Nick’s First Impressions

Honestly, upon try on, the GH2 felt almost identical to the GH1. It’s actually pretty crazy because they’re two completely different looking shoes and have different cushioning set-up, yet are strikingly similar to feel on foot. I’ve only worn them a handful of times and can already say I like them just as much as the GH1 for the first few wears. Unlike other ANTA models, this is the first basketball shoe from ANTA I’ve tried that has this “film” or residue on the outsole from the factory that wears off after the first few wears. It wasn’t the actual rubber outsole of the shoe wearing off, but a literal residue on the outsole that I assume comes from the factory the shoe is manufactured in. This didn’t really affect anything whatsoever, it was just kind of strange because I’ve never experienced this in an ANTA shoe before. Regardless, the GH2’s traction seems like it’s going to be great on a variety of different court conditions, both indoors and outdoors. And, durability should be just fine as well.

The cushioning technology in the GH2 is brand new, and it’s called Alti-Flash Foam. It’s the same foam that is featured in the KT6, but this time around, it’s more beefier and actually uncaged. All I can say is that so far, it feels super similar to the A Flash Foam from the GH1—soft, comfortable, and a great balance of impact protection, court feel, and a nice rebound underfoot. The upper materials will vary upon each colorway like it did in the GH1. The “Go Hard” colorway that I have uses a synthetic leather. It’s not anything super premium compared to the GH1’s suede and knit uppers, but that’s why more colorways release with different materials. However, it’s still comfortable and feels good on foot, so I’m not complaining. It’s better than the mediocrity of materials that Nike gives us in most of their models.

So, from a first impressions standpoint, the GH2 is honestly vastly similar to the GH2. The shoes are so similar that it’s almost scary. ANTA put out mine, and Alan’s favorite basketball shoe ever in the GH1, so it’s hard to improve upon and already excellent performance basketball shoe. And, it appears like ANTA may have released the GH2 to be just as good, if not slightly better than the already amazing GH1. Consistency is key, and I’m excited to continue putting hours into the GH2, so we’ll have our performance review coming in the near future.

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