ANTA GH1 “Girl’s Artwork” Detailed Look & Review

ANTA GH1 "Girl's Artwork" Detailed Look & Review.

The “Girl’s Artwork” colorway of Gordon Hayward’s first signature shoe will be the final release of the GH1 as the GH2 will begin releasing in the Winter. This colorway has inspiration and meaning way beyond basketball; family and love. Click here to check out everything you need to know about the ANTA GH1 “Girl’s Artwork” release. Now, here’s our Detailed Look & Review.

Let us know what you think of our ANTA GH1 “Girl’s Artwork” Detailed Look & Review in the comments below. It’s so inspirational to see a basketball signature shoe receive a special colorway that has meaning beyond basketball, which is Gordon Hayward’s love for his family; his wife, Robin, and his daughters, Nora, Charlie, and Bernie, and soon to be son. Not only does the shoe perform excellent on the basketball court, but the colorway is gorgeous as well.

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