ANTA Debuts Their “Stay Strong’ Custom Footwear Collection

ANTA debuts their "Stay Strong" custom NBA footwear collection.

With the recent outbreak and fear of the coronavirus, ANTA Sports has debuted their “Stay Strong” custom NBA footwear collection, featuring Klay Thompson’s KT5, Gordon Hayward’s GH1, and Rajon Rondo’s RR6. As the epidemic coronavirus sweeps over China, and into other countries worldwide, ANTA looks to inspire and courage people who suffer from the pain from this tragic outbreak, and convey hope.

“ANTA specially designed three unique shoes. Those Prototypes come from GH1, RR6, KT5 which belong to ANTA three spokesmen Klay Thompson, Rajon Rondo, Gordon Hayward but colorway features the only one thing which is “inspiration of China”. As we call them “stay strong” package.

Each shoes with different words that express different wishes, but they all follow with same patterns and topics. “God of Thunder” & “God of Fire” the blue one Thunder God is a deity in Chinese folk religion to punish crime and evil. The red one Fire God is known as a legendary ancient Chinese ruler. Their names are chosen for the emergency hospital in WUHAN because it is believed they can defeat the coronavirus and convey the hope. In deeply understanding is that, fire and thunder are the elements of the Chinese philosophy of Wuxing, which covers the five types of energies and also symbolize the five major organs of body. According to traditional Chinese theory, Lung belongs to metal-a type of five energies, however fire and thunder can suppress metal. The people in China are believed that they will get through this with the power of thunder and fire.”

The Chinese characters on GH1 mean: “The God of Thunder defeat demons, The God of Fire kill viruses”.

The Chinese characters on KT5 mean: “China, stay strong”.

The Chinese characters on RR6 mean: “Wuhan, stay strong”.

The three particular shoes are not for sale, and ANTA will let their three endorsed NBA players promote this cause on the hardwood during games.

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  1. Those look sick af 🔥🔥🔥

    • Nick Montesano

      And, it’s for a good cause too. Stay safe in wake of the coronavirus outbreak!

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